FREE Lego Alphabet Mats

Thursday, August 7, 2014

FREE Lego Alphabet Mats

Preschool children will love building alphabet letters with these free printable Lego alphabet mats.
Free alphabet lego mats for preschoolers

Kids love building and learning.  There is no better way for kids to learn their alphabet letters than through fun, hands on exploration. You can grab these free printable Alphabet Lego Mats from Little Bins for Little Hands. Don't miss all the fun ways you can learn with  lego games .


  1. Where do I find these mats? I am having a terrible time figuring it out. When I click on your link, I go to "little bins for little hands" - so far, so good. But then, when I click on the link in that post, I go to "Confessions of A Homeschooler" and I can't find the mats anywhere - I searched numerous ways. I think these mats would really help my preschooler as he LOVES Legos, but does not like to sit unless Legos are in his hands.

    1. Oh mercy, you are right. They were from somewhere else and they are MIA on that blog. I will make some =) Watch the blog in the next couple weeks!!

    2. You are SO helpful! Thank you!