Edible Funfetti Playdough Recipe

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Edible Funfetti Playdough Recipe

Simple playdough recipe that is safe to eat.
Simple Edible Play Dough Recipe for Preschool Sensory Play

We LOVE playing with playdough at our house.

Ever since I discovered how easy it was to make our own play dough, I was hooked. I love that I know what is in the dough and we are not playing with so many chemicals! While I usually just whip up a batch of our favorite Kool Aid Playdough Recipe, sometimes it’s fun to try something different.

Funfetti Play Dough Recipe from Smart School House is so easy to make. It is only 2 ingredients and all of it is completely sweet and edible. Although because it’s mainly sugar, you woudn’t want to let your kids eat it all!

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