Kindergarten Spelling Practice Printable

Monday, June 30, 2014

Kindergarten Spelling Practice Printable

Is your homeschool Kindergarten ready to start sounding out and spelling words? Help them get a jump start by learning to spell some basic Kindergarten spelling games.
Spelling Games - FREE Kindergarten Spelling Practice Printables
By the second half of the year, Kindergartners should be writing basic words. Learning to sound words out and then build the words letter by letter is an essential, foundation skill for all future spelling. Help your homeschool Kindergartner build a strong foundation by practicing these Kindergarten Spelling Words.

Spelling Games for Kindergartners

These Kindergarten Worksheets include 30 common Kindergarten spelling words for kids to sound out. There is a picture and lined spaces for each letter needed to spell the word.

I suggest printing front to back (note answers on the back bottom of each card) and laminating. You can then hole punch the top left and put the cards on a ring clip to keep conveniently together.

Spelling Games - FREE Kindergarten Spelling Practice Printables

How to Use Kindergarten Spelling Cards

These cards have many uses! They can be used:
  1. Practice writing and spelling with a dry erase marker   OR
  2. Wiith a large variety of hands on spelling manipulatives for a more kinesthetic approach to spelling

Download Spelling Words worksheets for kids

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    >> Kindergarten Spelling Practice - PLAIN <<

    >> Kindergarten Spelling Practice – COLORFUL <<

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      1. Just letting you know a lot of the answer keys are incorrect for the spelling practice. :/

        1. Thanks for the heads up Christina, they got off. They should be all fixed =)

        2. Hi Beth, they are still not in the right place ...

        3. Just rechecked and they are correct. Remember the answers will print on the BACK so kids can check their work without peaking. So the answers to page one are on the back of the ones on page 2 =)