Kids Summer Activity: How to Make Chalk

One of our favorite summer activities for kids is drawing with chalk. This time we decided to make our own chalk. It was so easy with superior results I decided to show you how to make chalk.
Super easy to make homemade chalk is not only a fun kids activities for summer, but is WAY better than store bought chalk. Add this one to your summer bucket list

Homemade chalk is so simple to make!


Plus it has deeper color, doesn't leave residue on hands, and is just more fun.

You've got to try this summer activity for kids!

How to Make Homemade Chalk

To make homemade chalk all you need are these 3 easy to find ingredients:
To make just mix the ingredients thoroughly and pour quickly into your mold as it will begin hardening within minutes. Our two favorite molds are silicon baking pans (it pops out easily) or Dixie cups (you just peel off the cup).

Hint:  You should never pour any leftover Plaster of Paris down the drain.

Note: We mixed our chalk up in an empty plastic container that was about to be recycled. It made clean-up a breeze!
Popsicle Homesmade Chalk

I put popsicle & Lollipop sticks in ours to make fun popsicle style homemade chalk.  Although homemade chalk really doesn’t leave a residue (really!) I think the kids still enjoyed having a handle.

How to make chalk for kids summer activity

When it is completely dry in a couple of hours we just popped out the silicon chalk and peeled off the Dixie cups. We were ready to play!

homemade chalk has more vibrant colors with no residue left on kids hands

Tinker bell thought it was hilarious to have a handle for her chalk. 

see the vibrant colors!

Here is a side by side comparison in case you are wondering what homemade chalk (right) looks like compared to store bought chalk (left).

homemade chalk makes little to no mess on hands

The other really cool thing about homemade chalk is that it leaves very little residue, practically none! {and not because of the handle LOL!}

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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