Kids Summer Activities: Water Ball……CATCH!

This is a super easy summer activities for kids to throw together. This is great way to cool off and have fun at the same time.
Summer Activities - Soaker Water Sponge Balls is such a fun, simple to put together kids activity for summer. This is fun for kids of all ages! Must do summer bucket list. I know this idea has been floating around lots of blogs. I first saw this idea over Inner Child Fun.

Get ready for the best summer ever!

Instead of letting summer creep up on you and rush away, take some time to plan some fun activities to do with your kids this summer.

Let this be the summer where you create priceless memories together.

Sponge Balls are a FUN Summer Activities

cut colorful sponges into 3-5 strips each lengthwise Cut sponges in thirds or fourths lengthwise. We used cheap, colorful sponges.

use  a Rubberband or cable tie
Hold 8-10 strips together and twist. Then have a parent or friend put on a cable tie and trim off the excess. 

Easy to make sponge balls summer activities for kids Here are our colorful water bombs. Now we are ready to PLAY!

Water Princess Play

Princess Water Toss Game
My girls (2 and 5) were not so eager to run around and toss them at each others. But that didn’t mean they didn’t want to play!

disney princess sponge water ball play for toddler and preschool
The girls loved filling them with water and squeezing it out. They are soft and have a great texture in your hands.

Toddler Outdoor Play activity

Later the girls and I played toss sitting on the lawn. 

Kids Summer Activities: Soaker Sponge Balls are fun for the whole family

Goofy (8 years old) preferred to run around and try to get Mommy with them! It was actually very refreshing on this HOT day.

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Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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