Our Easter Resurrection Garden

Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Easter Resurrection Garden


Here is a meaningful Easter Activity for Christian families. It is very easy to do and will be fun to watch grove over 5-7 days. It also makes a beautiful Easter Sunday living centerpiece.
Easter Family Activity for Christian Families

The last couple years I kept seeing different Easter gardens popping up on the Internet and I have been really excited to make one ourselves. So last year I finally did!  Here is ours and how you make one yourself:

You will need about 7 days to grow nice green grass! So start this ASAP!

Easter Activity for Christian Families

Easter Resurrection Garden

Here is what you’ll need: plastic drip tray (59 cents at Menards), pot for tomb (make sure it is a good proportion to your base – we ended up using a small canning jar), branches to make cross, rope to make crosses, dirt, grass seed, and rocks.

Easter Resurrection Garden  Easter Resurrection Garden 

Goofy started by adding dirt to our plastic drop tray. We added our pot to be the tomb and then put dirt around and on top of the tomb.

Easter Resurrection Garden

We used twine to attach to twigs together to make a cross. We made our center one for Jesus a little bigger. We pressed them in the dirt above the tomb. Then the kids sprinkled on the grass seed.

Easter Resurrection Garden

Minnie added the large rock next to the tomb and got to spray all the grass seed.

Easter Resurrection Garden

We added some additional rocks and here is our completed garden. We left if on top of our kitchen table in a sunny spot where the kids lovingly sprayed it with water daily.

Easter Centerpiece focusing on Jesus

Easter Resurrection Garden

Within 4 days we had grass and by 7 days we had our complete Easter Resurrection Garden. It was a beautiful centerpiece for our Easter table and a good reminder of the real meaning of Easter!

What is your favorite Easter activity to help remind your kids of the true meaning of Easter?

Additional Easter Resources:

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