7 Fun Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Are you looking for some some fun, unique ways to decorate Easter Eggs with kids? Here are 7 fun ideas:
7 fun ways to decorate easter eggs
We are always looking for new fun and exciting ways to decorate our Easter Eggs. Here are a few of our favorites:

Glue dots & Glitter Easter Eggs

Just stick on glue dots and let your toddler or preschooler roll them in glitter. Simple, but fun and beautiful!
Decorating Easter Eggs with Toddler or Preschool  Glue dots & Glitter Easter Eggs

Silly Faces Easter Eggs

We dyed our eggs yellow and used sharpies to make the faces.
Silly Faces Easter Eggs

Angry Birds Easter Eggs

Dyed the eggs the various colors and painted on the Angry Bird faces with paint and a Sharpie
Angry Bird Easter Egs

Painted Easter Eggs

    Painted Easter Eggs 

    Tape Resist Cross Easter Eggs

    Add a cross, stripe, or design with scotch tape or white crayon

    Decorate Easter Egg with cross

    Classically dyed Easter Eggs

    Dye Them with Food Coloring (1 cup warm water, 3 TAB vinegar, several drops food coloring)
    Recipe for dying Easter Eggs

    Egg Shell Mosaic Easter Eggs

    Beth Gorden
    Beth Gorden

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