Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids

My daughter, like girls everywhere, is in love with Anna and Elsa from Disney latest movie Frozen. So for her upcoming birthday party I wanted to make her a Disney Frozen Elsa Costume, but I didn’t have access to a sewing machine. So I made a no sew Elsa inspired costume and wanted to share with you how easy it is.
Disney Frozen Inspired No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids

How to Make a No Sew Tutu

To make our Disney Frozen Inspired costume we made a no sew tutu. This is super quick and easy to do. Here is what you’ll need:
     - Ruler/measuring tape
    - Scissors
    - Tulle (6” side; you’ll need 2-3 spools) We used this teal color for Elsa’s No Sew Tutu Costume
    - Elastic or Ribbon for Waistband (here is what we used)

How to Make a Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids

First Cut your Tulle

I wanted the no sew tutu to be a little longer to be more elegant, like Elsa’s. I decided 22” long was perfect for my 5 year old to land just a little bit above her knees.  Because you double the fabric you are going to want to cut your strips of tulle to double the length you want. So I cut two rolls of tulle into 44” long strips. 

Make your Waist Band

Cut your elastic or ribbon to fit around your child’s waist. I used elastic so it goes on easily. How to Make a No Sew Tutu

Make a Slip Not

Make a slip knot by  folding your tulle in half. Now  pull the tulle behind the waist band holding the top open with your thumb and first finger. Slip (or pull) the tail of the tulle in through the opening you made and pull tight to make a knot. (you don’t want to add any bulk to your child's waist)
Slip Knot for no sew tutu
Continue making slip knots all around the waist band covering the knot too.
How to Make a Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids
It goes very quickly. You should have your no sew tutu made in about 30 minutes or so.
How to Make a Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids
At the very end I added in 8-10 strips of glittery royal blue tulle I got at Joann Fabrics. I had it leftover from the decorations for the Disney Frozen Birthday Party and it just added a special touch to the no sew Frozen tutu!
Disney Frozen Inspired No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids

No Sew Disney Frozen Elsa Costume for Kids

Disney Frozen Inspired No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids To make your no sew tutu into a Disney Frozen Elsa Costume you want to wear it over a turquoise ballet leotard or gymnastics leotard. You can find those easily on eBay or Amazon.  We got ours with a nice swirly snow pattern on front – perfect.
How to Make a Disney Frozen No Sew Elsa Costume for Kids - includes step by step directions and a video
Finally, I added a cape just like Elsa’s. I used a yard of turquoise tulle with a slight dot pattern on it. Use a snowflake pattern if you can find it. Just knot the edges around the arms to have it hang off the shoulders in the back. Top with a crown and there you have it – a simple, easy to make no sew Disney Frozen Elsa Costume for Kids!

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