Preschool Craft: Pasta Necklace

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Preschool Craft: Pasta Necklace

Making a Preschool necklace craft is just one of those kids activities every child should do. Here is how to color pasta to make pasta necklaces.
colored pasta for preschool craft pasta necklaces

How to Color Pasta

DIY pasta neckalces preschool activity
You will want cheap rigatoni pasta. (The bigger the noodle the easier it is to string.) You’ll also want to make sure you have rubbing alcohol, food coloring, plastic bags, and paper towels.

dying colored pasta

Mix 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol and several drops of food coloring in a bag. Add pasta, seal, and place on cookie sheet (just in case the bag leaks!) You will need to let the pasta soak up the color – it is going to take about 24 hours with you turning it over several times during that process.

Colored Pasta Preschool Craft

Drain the pasta and place on several paper towels to finish drying. Give it an hour to make sure they are fully dry and you are ready to dye. Aren’t the colors stunning! The deep colors are from letting the color fully absorb in the pasta! Make sure to mix food coloring to get some varied and beautiful colors.

Pasta Necklace Craft 

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Using yarn have your kids string the past. Tie the string or yard together. If you are making bracelets I suggest using putting them on a pipe cleaner because it can be adjusted better for size. If not the bracelets fall off, land on the floor, and the past gets cracked or chipped =-(

Simple Christmas Gift Kids Can Make!

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Here is Minnie (4) with her finished necklace! We had so much fun. Even 2 year old Tinker Bell LOVED this project (with a little help).  This is fun for them to wear for themselves or as a gift to Grandma, Mom or preschool friends.

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    1. I have made this with my pre-K class many times and we only use about a Tbsp or two of rubbing alcohol and shake the bag up for a minute or less and dump it out on newspaper. The colors always turn out very bright. It really does not need to soak for 24 hours. I think a quarter cup of alcohol is too much and probably dilutes the colors which is why you have to soak it for so long.

  2. I skipped alcohol and the process didn't work:( Now I will do it properly! Thanks! We will be using it for our Christmas crafts!