Medieval Artist Giotto

As part of our homeschool history for kids  unit on middle ages for kids  we explored Medieval Art & Music by learning about famous artists Giotto, creating a medieval tapestry, creating our own psaltery, learning to draw a castle, and reading some excellent books.
Homeschool Art Lesson - Discovering Famous Artists Giotto

Medieval Artist Giotto

Favorite Resources

We used Getting to Know the  World’s Greatest Artists: Giotto to learn more about Giotto and Discovering Great Artists by Maryann Kohl to inspire our art project.

Learning about Famous Artist Giotto for Kids

Giotto was an Italian painter in the 1300s. He is known for adding depth to pictures by adding the background and for making his people look more life-like by adding emotions.  Giotto mainly painted frescos. A fresco is a painting done on wet plaster; the color really sinks in and give the color a glowing look to it.

Egg Based Paint for Medieval Artwork

Giotto used an egg based tempera paint. So we made our own egg based paint for our artwork.
First Goofy crushed up some chalk using a rock. The rock was very slow going so Mommy helped out with a rolling pin and that went super fast!
crushing chalk to make egg based tempera paint   Using crushed chalk to make paint for homeschool art lesson

We mixed up 2 egg yokes with 2 TAB water. Then we added it to the chalk and we had our paint. (We used a muffin tin for the paint)

April 2013 071 Making Egg Based Tempera Paint for art lesson

Unlike other artists of his day, Giotto used bright colors in his paintings. He was also the first major artist to convey emotions in his painting.

Discovering Famous Artists Giotto in Homeschool

Giotto Medieval Times Artwork

Notice the yellow hallow around people’s heads. Giotto painted scenes from the Bible and like others from his time used hallows to depict saints.

Painting like Medieval Artist Giotto

Additional Medieval Art & Music Activities 

Drawing Castles

Drawing a castle for homeschool art and hands on history

We used Draw and Write Through History to learn how to draw a castle, catapult, knight, princess, dragon, and a falcon.

Medieval Tapestries for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Kids Activity Making Medieval Tapestries with paper

In Medieval times people wove with wool, but we didn't have any around here. So we used paper to make a Medieval Woven Placemat.  During the time period people also created amazing tapestries which created amazing woven pictures. These were hung on castle walls to make the cold stone rooms pretty and warmer

Medieval Music

Medieval Music DIY PSalteryWe made a psaltery. A psaltery was a medieval musical instrument that was played at banquets or for the royal court in the castle. You can see a video hearing our psaltery.

Medieval Family Read Alouds

We Read The Knight at Dawn and the accompanying Fact Tracker Book Knights and Castles that explains more about the time period. These short and sweet books contain sketched illustrations every couple pages and are great read alouds for ages 5-9. Children in 2nd grade and beyond will be able to read them by themselves.

homeschool history lesson plan middle ages unit4 Week Homeschool Medieval Unit

  1. Medieval Castles
  2. Medieval Knights
  3. Medieval Church 
  4. Medieval Art & Music  

Additional Resources

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