FREE Habitat Adventure Science Game – Exploring Biomes and Taxonomy

Monday, November 18, 2013

FREE Habitat Adventure Science Game – Exploring Biomes and Taxonomy

In our homeschool science we’ve been learning about the Biosphere. To help my kids better understand the different Biomes, I created Habitat Adventure. This free printable Science game teaches kids about 8 Major Biomes of the World, 60+ animals, as well as Taxonomy.
FREE Science Game for kids to explore Biology including biomes, habitats and taxonomy for elementary kids. SO fun, easy to play, beautiful animal pictures (homeschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th gar

Learning about Biomes in Homeschool Science

In our Homeschool Science this year we've been using Christian Kids Explore Biology. I love all the hands on science activities it proves as well as it’s ease of use. It is perfect to use together as a family by focusing on hands on activities with younger learners and adding in the worksheets and more advance projects for older kids.  

In Unit 1 of Christian Kids Explore Biology we were learning about Biomes and Taxonomy. That can be a hard concept for kids to grasp and commit to memory. So in my quest to provide a fun, learning environment for my kids I came up with a game that would help them!
FREE Biome Science Game for kids

FREE Printable Habitat Adventure Game

Habitat Adventure is a fun, easy to play, educational game for kids in Kindergarten – 6th Grade. In the game you will travel around the board helping put the animals back in their correct Biome (or habitat). While doing so your child will become familiar with 8 major Biomes of our World - Desert, Mountains, Grassland, Ocean, Arctic Tundra, Deciduous Forest, Coniferous Forest, and Tropical Rain Forest.

Free Printable Science game - Biomes, Animals, taxonomy for Homeschool kids

You will need to download the free game at the bottom of this post and print off the following on cardstock for durability:
  • 22” x 8” gameboard (that is 2 sheets of paper taped together)
  • Animal fact Cards (optional - you can print back on cards too)
  • Get a dice and game markers (I suggest small stamps with lids, pom poms, animals, etc.)

Animal Fact CardsFREE Animal Fact Cards

Each Animal Fact Card is filled with with information. So besides using with the Habitat Adventure Game, these cards are great to teach your kids about some amazing Animals from all over the world.  Each card includes the Biome the animal is native to, Taxonomy information, beautiful photograph, animal name, information about the animal, plus for those just studying North America, you can sort your cards by animals found in North America!

Taxonomy for Kids

Using the Animal Fact Cards from the FREE Printable Habitat Adventure Game, my kids started sorting animals by their taxonomy. We started with putting all the animals part of the Kingdom Animalia in a pile (Hint: that will be all of them). Next we sorted them by Phylum, Class, Order, and Family. It was a great hands on way for kids to understand Taxonomy.
Taxonomy Hands on Science for Homeschool Kids

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  1. This looks amazing! perfect for my animal lover! i cant wait to print it! Do u have a version of the taxonomy card, not in Latin, or with both listed. I have a first grader. Thank u! I already shared it with my homeschoolin' mama friends.

  2. Beth! this is such an amazing job! thank you so much for sharing it for free. I always use your printables when possible as my kids learn English through them as well as the subject in the printable!

  3. This is Phenomenal! Thank you for all of your hard work and for being so generous to share it for free! You are such a blessing! Your printables are very high quality and I use many of them!

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    1. Oops, apparently I was mistaken. It showed a blank page, but it did download. I'm not too familiar with Google Drive yet. This looks great. I think we'll use it for science tomorrow. Thank you!

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  10. This looks great! Thank you! Just wondering, where are the instructions located?

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    1. click on text link under the terms of use at the bottom of the post =)

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