Weather Unit #2 – Seasons

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weather Unit #2 – Seasons

Welcome back to week #2 of our science weather unit we started last spring. These activities are intended for toddler, preschool, kindergarten, and 1st & 2nd grade to be able to do together in homeschool.

Help kids learn about the seasons and hibernation through play #science #preschool #homeschooling

Learning about Hibernation through Play

The kids favorite thing about our study was our Hibernation Play – hands down! We had seen the bears at our zoo not only prepare for hibernation, but in their den hibernating all winter long last year. This was the highlight of visiting the zoo in the winter! So when I told the kids they were going to prepare to hibernate they didn't skip a beat. They grabbed chairs & blankets to make their cave. Then they grabbed pillows – because they didn't have any plants to bring in (I love that they knew what was suppose to be in there). They thought it was great fun!

Weather Worksheets for Kids

seasons worksheets for kidsfree weather unit worksheets

We did some fun, preschool type worksheets. We talked about the differences in temperature. We looked at the different temperature in our area throughout the year and even the differences throughout the day!  I really enjoyed the  season book Goofy made. He drew a picture of his favorite thing of the season and then wrote a couple sentences to explain the picture. I love seeing his artistic creations as well as his developing writing skills!

Learning about the Seasons

pointilissm season art

And we did some seasonal artwork. Notice the kids hands are the tree trunk and the leaves my son made using Q-tips, my daughter used her fingers =-)

free season spin
We looked back at our Four Season Wheel we made. It is such a great visual to help kids understand there is no beginning/end – the months & seasons go round and round. You can get a copy of {free} 4 Season Spinning Printable here.

Favorite Seasons Books for Kids

We read books about the changing seasons and played with the panda weather flannel set.

More Science Resources:

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  1. Hi, Beth! Love that Four Season Wheel! I did something similar to your handprint trees with my children years ago except instead of straight across, we went around in a circle. My thinking was to reinforce that the seasons go around and around, as if in a circle.....similar to your wheel idea.

    Carla M. (