Toddler Time Tuesday – Mixing Colors Myself

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Toddler Time Tuesday – Mixing Colors Myself

colormixing You don’t have to be a big kid to begin experimenting with color mixing. Here is a simple, fun activity to help your toddler explore how colors combine to create new ones while encouraging them to explore with their senses.

April 2013 413

I started off by painting my toddlers one hand in blue washable paint. She loved the feeling as I brushed it on her hand. The other hand I painted yellow. 

April 2013 424

Next I let my toddler do what comes natural – squish her hands together. 

April 2013 396

Tinker bell was so surprised when she ended up with green paint! (I think she was almost worried!)

April 2013 400

She finally decided it was okay to have mostly green hands and began making her masterpiece on the piece of white paper I laid down for her. 

April 2013 404
My 29 month old loved this simple toddler activity that allowed her to explore and learn in a way that was fun, playful and meaningful to her. If your toddler is ready for more exploration wash off her hands and try mixing red and yellow to get orange or blue and red to get purple.


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How will you expand your toddlers world today through play?

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