FREE Disney World Stroller Labels

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FREE Disney World Stroller Labels

So you’re heading to Disney. Guess what, so are thousands of other families, many with the exact same stroller you have. To make it even more confusing, Disney cast members move strollers around to make them more organized as strollers come and go frequently.
Disney FREE Disney World Stroller Labels #disney

Keep track of your stroller at Disney

One of the best ways to make sure you can always find your stroller at Disney [and that no one else takes yours by mistake] is to attach a label to your stroller.  I stick a label in a page protector and attach it to the stroller with tape or cable ties.
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These labels work on rented strollers too. Although I don’t recommend renting a stroller if you are at Disney for more than a two days. At $15 a day you could buy a brand new Graco LiteRider for $60 on Amazon. So for the cost of renting a stroller you could buy one if you are there for 4 days. You can even have Amazon ship it directly to your hotel!

FREE Disney Stroller Labels

Here are 13 FREE themed Disney Stroller Labels you can choose from. Pick the one that matches your families Disney favorite characters the best.
Disney World Stroller Labels

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Clipart Credits: (All Clipart purchased and used with permission)
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Graphics by JW Illustrations at MyGrafico: Arcade Crazy
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The Digital Bake Shop at Mygrafico: Neverland Friends
Graphics by BabyStar Design at MyGrafico: Mermaid in Ocean


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