Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet!

Marshmallow Shooters are a really fun, easy to make kids activity. These are perfect for indoor or outdoor use!
Marshmallow Shooter activty for The Marshmallow Knights

As part of our Knight Unit we made these simple to make Marshmallow Shooters.

They are super easy to make with things we had just laying around in our house already.  And did I mention they shoot over 30 feet – that’s some serious FUN!

How to Make a Marshmallow Shooter

Cut out the bottom of a Dixie cup.  You need a medium size sturdy cup. You can use a plastic one if it has thick walls or use a large Dixie style cup.

marshmallow shooter step 1

Cut off the tip of a balloon. It can be any color you have laying around leftover from a birthday party.

marshmallow shooter step 2

Pull the balloon over the top of the cut end of the Dixie cup. You can help secure this with a rubber band if you like. For younger kids you may want to. Goofy (7) and I didn’t need it.

marshmallow shooter step 3

Marshmallow Shooter - Summer Kids Activity

Now you get to play! Just load with a mini marshmallow, pull back on the balloon and let it go to launch.
Marshmallow shooter kids activity summer

We had competitions to see who could shoot the farthest. We had marshmallow go over 30 feet!

marshmallow shooter kids activity

This is a great kids activity for summer fun or as a go along to The Marshmallow Knights, one of our favorite books!

The Marshmallow Incident
The Marshmallow Incident (a fantastic kids book!)

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  1. How fun. We have that book my kids would love to do that. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Renee

  2. We have the marshmallow guns you blow through, but these are really cute too!

  3. Super fun! I'm not sure I could get my girls to actually shoot the marshmallows without eating them all instead though!!! We'll have to try this and find out!

  4. Thanks, I'm definitely going to use this during our Princess and Knight Unit this summer. The kids will go nuts over it.

  5. Wow, this looks so fun! I have to play this outside of the apartment which we live in otherwise, the dogs will have a field day with the marshmallows! LOVE IT!