Making the most of Educational DVDs with stamps

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making the most of Educational DVDs with stamps

Today I wanted to share with you a simple idea to help Preschoolers be more active learners while watching educational television.

Leap Frog Letter Factory is one of my absolute favorite videos for Preschoolers. It helps kids learn the alphabet and the sound each letter makes in a fun, engaging way.  To help Minnie watch a little more attentively and to get the most out of the educational video I had her do an activity that went along with the video.
Best Educational DVDs and Extension Activities for Preschoolers Each time a new letter was introduced in the video, Minnie was to find the letter stamp that matched and stamp it on her paper. This time I had her do capital letters. You could of course do lower case, both or mixed. This was a great little tweak that helped may our TV time even more educational and FUN!

Our favorite early learning educational DVDs:

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What are you favorite educational Preschool videos?



  1. Great idea. I love the movies, I have added those to my Amazon wishlist, my daughter is two and learned her letters and now were are working on sounds. Thanks!

  2. My kids love those Leap Frog educational shows. Well my 4 year old does.
    We have Netflix versus cable and we love it!