{free} Common Sight Words BINGO

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

{free} Common Sight Words BINGO

Early readers benefit from lots of practice. Have some fun practicing common sight words with this free printable reading game.
Sight Word games - free printable common sight words BINOG

          (6 sight words games, 32 sight words worksheets, 10 sight word readers, and more!)

Sight Word Games

As my kiddo was learning to read I found that he benefited from some extra practice with sight word games.

Many of them are rule breaker words that are particularly hard for new readers! I used this resource when Goofy was in 1st grade as it “went along” with our Language Arts pacing really well. But this could easily be used with a wide range of kids 4-8 years. So I wanted to share this resource with you too!

Sight Word games - free printable common sight words BINOG

I created Sight Words Bingo.

There are 5 different mats for each level (each set contains 25 commonly used sight words). You can trade off so that your child becomes confident finding the words and reading the words. My son & I had lots of fun playing this game together. It made a HUGE difference in his readying & writing!

(includes both Bingo A & B to accompany Read! Trace! Stamp! Write printable)

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  1. thanks for sharing this! wonderful idea! :D