LeapFrog MyRobotFriend iOS app

Saturday, March 2, 2013

LeapFrog MyRobotFriend iOS app


I am a HUGE Leap Frog fan! They produce outstanding educational toys that my kids love! When Goofy was younger he could not figure our what the letters said no matter how hard I tried. Then I discovered Leap Frog Letter Factory and after seeing it once – TADA! I am not kidding – it was amazing!

Since then my family has continued to be impressed by each and every new Leap Frog “toy” that we get. So when I was given the opportunity to evaluate the LeapFrog MyRobotFriend iOS app I jumped at the opportunity!
This app says it is geared to 9 years + but I think most 7 or 8 year olds will understand and love this!
So what’s it all about? Basically your child programs the robot through the obstacle course to get the coins, avoid the stuffed animals, and ultimately get the treasure. Your child programs the robot by telling it to go:
  • forward (using multiple cards so uses addition skills)
  • backward (dealing with negative numbers)
  • turn North (cardinal directions)
  • and there’s fun things like rockets to use too.
The program has multiple levels so it will get harder as your child is ready and advances.  As your child finishes levels he will earn coins that he can use to customize his robot. Here is Goof'y’s super cool robot =-)
Febuary 2013 120
At the completion of a level your child will get to program the robot to do different dance moves – something my son thought was HILARIOUS! As your child levels us you will be introduced to the Fat Cat – a perfect ‘bad guy”! We’ve only begun to discover all the cool things about this game and I have to say I enjoy playing with him almost as much as he does!
LeapFrog MyRobotFriend iOS app teaches programming skills, problems solving skills, logic, reasoning, and more! As a parent I am thrilled by it’s educational value.
My son loves it because he gets to play “the cool robot game”
For all you visual people out there (that’s me too!) here is a look at the game:

Want to try it yourself? You are going to love this fun, educational app! Go download LeapFrog MyRobotFriend here!
I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective but content and opinions expressed here are all my own. To learn more about the app, visit here #CleverRobotFriend #spon


  1. I'm so happy to see that LeapFrog is making tablet apps! Unfortunately we're Kindle users, but I suppose they'll make an Android version eventually. My son would LOVE this app. He still plays on his Leapster Explorer once in a while, but a real tablet is so much better since the prices have come down. I hope they'll make a tablet version of the Mr. Pencil games too.

  2. I'm a fan of LeapFrog too! I've found a couple of their electronic games at thrift stores and they keep getting pulled out and used! I will definitely try out this app. I saw Bugs & Buttons on one of your earlier lists... it's a favorite of ours, as well. Did you know there is another one called Bugs & Bubbles that does more math and is the same amazing quality? I also really, really like Play 1-2-3 for the younger ones.