DIY Magnetic Sticker Fun!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Magnetic Sticker Fun!

Here is another fun project for at home or in the car! We made magnetic stickers for Minnie (and Goofy) to play with. This is super easy to do and allows the kiddos to play with the stickers again and again! I love hearing the stories they come up with!
May 2012 052
Pick the stickers you want to use and put them on a piece of plain white paper. Laminate the page.
May 2012 054
Cut out the stickers and stick a magnetic dot on the back of each.
May 2012 343
I used contact paper to protect the sticker backdrop (found in many sticker books) and then cut it to size.
May 2012 350
The kids LOVE playing with their sticker magnets, making up stories, and having FUN!
Want to make your own? Here are the supplies to make your own!


  1. This is just perfect for our fam... I can't wait to try this =) Thanks so much for sharing such a great idea!!

  2. Super cute idea. I have to try this.

  3. What are the little magnet dots you used and where did you buy them?