Room Makeover (girl)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Room Makeover (girl)

A month ago I shared with you Goofy’s room makeover. Since they swapped rooms I had to redo Minnie’s room too. I used the same theme because we loved it so much. But I did darken up the walls slightly (as it was a bigger room), added some Disney Princess features (Minnie is into Princesses BIG TIME), and added some fun glow in the dark butterflies. Here is her finished room:
imageJune 2012 173
I love the colors of the bedding – pink & orange. It is so bright & cheery. I’m so glad I got two when I bought it for Minnie. Back then we weren’t even pregnant with Tinker Bell, but now they have such a sweet matching room. The bedding came with the comforter, sham, bed skirt, and valance. I bought the matching lamp shade separately.  I found these incredibly beautiful butterflies online and love how they pull the theme together.  I added the Disney Princess touch with a wall sticker castle & princesses by their name (covered for privacy). Finally, I added each little glow-in-the-dark butterfly to the wall. I was so pleased with the result of the butterflies flying from their name to the castle.
June 2012 167
I am always afraid the girls are going to pinch their fingers in the closet doors and I’m sad to say I’ve comforted them  for ‘squished fingers’ a couple times. So I decided to use the large curtains that came with the set (which I didn’t feel really fit on the window) to serve as the closet door. I hung them on a curtain rod over the closet – no more pinched fingers! Minnie is sitting at her princess vanity- she loves this present I found on eBay for her 3rd birthday party.
June 2012 183
Tinker Bell was super excited about her big girl bed…..soon enough!! But no hurry =-)


  1. This is adorable!!! My girls would love it!!! I'd live to see what you did with Goofy's room!! I'm imaging it's Disney themed as well.

  2. Where did you get the bedding? :)

  3. It is the JoJo Pink & Orange butterfly set. You can find it at Meijer, Sears, Overstock, Amazon, and others =-)

  4. All pink! I’m sure my daughter will fall in love with this room design once she sees this. She’s just fascinated with the color pink, and she’s been requesting her room to be renovated to this color. Anyway, kudos for this awesome job! :]

    - Randell Jeffries