FREE Learn My Name & Address Printables

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FREE Learn My Name & Address Printables

 Does your child know their name, address, and phone number? It is very important that kids learn this important safety information as early as possible. Here are some free kindergarten worksheets to help you teach your preschool and kindergarten child their name and where they live.
Does your child know their name, address, and phone number? It is very important that kids learn this important safety information as early as possible. Here are some free learn my name printables to help you teach your preschool and kindergarten child their name and where they live.

How to Teach you Child their Address

Here are various different free printables to teach you child their name so they can visualize it, trace it, and practice writing it depending on how old they are.  There are various different sizes and styles to choose from to help it appeal to many preschool and kindergarten age children.

Post Your address and phone number by the Phone

In the case of an emergency, even a child who knows where they live may forget it. Having that information by the telephone makes it more likely your child will be successful in calling 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency.

Emergency Information for Kids2

Practice Your Child's Name / Address / Phone Number Daily

Write your child’s address and phone number on the wall card to help remember to review it daily until your child knows this important information. There is also a 3” x 5” flashcard size for your child to stick in their backpack or work on in the car. (Note: Download has a boy & girl option)

This one is handy for helping your child learn to write their name, address and phone number. For younger children I suggest you write the information neatly and then laminate or stick in a page protector and have your child trace the information until they get it.

name printables

Help your child learn their name! For Tots & Preschoolers write your child’s name, laminate it, and keep it in front of them to help them learn their name. They can trace their name with their fingers, a crayon, or a dry erase marker. Your child can then begin to spell their name on their own work. For older children you can laminate it and then have them write their own name – daily if needed until they know it. Also included is a 3” x 5” size flashcard for your child to practice their name on the go or as part of a daily workbox activity. 

FREE Educational Printable Game

Download Learn My Name / Address / Phone Number

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  1. I absolutely love your downloads! I have a 6- year-old with special needs and a 3-year-old. I am hoping to go back to work soon, but I have been blessed to be able to stay home with them for six years now. I love the things you put together and so do they! As a technical writer by trade, I have to confess that your misspellings drive me a little crazy :-) but you have a gift that far exceeds anything minor like that. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us. May God bless you and your family.

  2. Thanks Migizi =-) You are so sweet and made my day! I know - I am the worst speller. I think it is partly just that I am trying to everything quickly to get through more in the 24 hours i get per day =-) If you ever notice an error in my packs and have the time - I would love to fix them. I know when I use them myself I find some too and think, how did I miss that?! Oh yeah - I was trying to get it done before rushing off to ....
    Beth =)

  3. Thank you. These are perfect for my 2 little ones.

  4. Thank you for the not-English version! I will use it! :-)

  5. Thank you! These are adorable, and perfect for my almost 8 yo (with a learning disability). I'm sure she'll love the pages as much as I do.

  6. These will be great for my 4 and 5 year old! Thanks!

  7. This is awesome! Going to mention it on my blog, if that's okay. Thanks!!!

  8. This is delightful. Thank you. So much more motivating than just saying it out loud!

  9. LOVE the free printables!
    It helps to have fun pages for teaching the kids....

  10. Thanks so much! Printed some out for my 5 year old.

  11. I love this!! I am teaching my son his name and phone #, so this is perfect :)

  12. I cannot get any of your files to open to be able to print from Google. Is there another way, or am I doing something wrong? When I click on the link it goes to google docs, but I can't figure out how to print them. When you click on print it tries to open a document, but doesn't finish opening ever.

    1. This should help =

  13. Thank you so much! Such a great resource. We used this for my preschooler's "All About Me" Lapbook :)

  14. Thanks for sharing. These printables are perfect for use with my children in my home daycare.

  15. Hey Beth, Thanks for sharing your information with us. This was a great add-on to my lessons at our church pre k.