Hatching Butterflies with FREE printable


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hatching Butterflies with FREE printable

As part of our homeschool science we observed the butterfly life cycle. I even put together a free butterfly life cycle worksheets to teach preschoolers and homeschool kids about this amazing metamorphoses that takes place. This is a wonderful science experiment to witness in person!FREE butterfly observation notebook and great pictures as caterpillars turn into butterflies. Great for preschool, kindergarten, homeschool kids or for summer activities for kids.

We had SO much fun observing our caterpillars turn into butterflies!

I found myself checking their progress many times a day too! As part of our butterfly garden kit we received 5 caterpillars in a container with holes poked in the top and a gel covering the bottom that nourished them. 

Butterfly Life Cycle Observations:

butterfly life cycle day 1

butterfly life cycle day 4

butterfly life cycle day 7 - larva stage

butterfly life cycle day 8 - pupa stage

eagerly waiting for butterflies to come out

We moved the caterpillars to our butterfly garden in preparation for their hatching. Minnie loved to watch them and see if they were butterflies yet. On Day #12 two of the five caterpillars started shaking and we thought they were hatching…. but not yet!

Watching our newly hatched butterflies!

newly hatched butterflies with empty cocoon

They noticed the red liquid (a result from the color on their wings) and waited excitedly for the remainder of the caterpillars to hatch. We put a sliced orange in for the butterflies to drink. Did you know butterflies don’t actually eat, they just drink through their straw like sucker.

watching the butterflies

Butterfly Garden Fieldtrip

Buttefly garden fieldtrip

We also took a fieldtrip to a butterfly garden. They had such BEAUTIFUL butterflies! There were so many butterflies that they were even landing on our shoulders!

My favorite site for getting information and showing my kids pictures was The Children’s Butterfly Site.

Butterfly Worksheets

Worksheets for Kids - FREE Butterfly Notebook #preschool #kindergarten #homeschooling

I made the {free} Hatching Butterflies Observation Notebook to go along with our Butterfly Unit. It has information on the butterfly lifecycle, facts about butterflies, and space for your child to write observations and/or pictures along your scientific process. I hope this is helpful to other Preschool and Homeschooling families.

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Download FREE Butterfly Notebook

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  1. Where did you order your butterflies from? Thanks. Kathleen

  2. The first time we did it we ordered them free through the kit (you can see it above in the widet). The second time we ordered them live from Amazon & got them SUPER quickly!
    Hope that helps =)

  3. We did the caterpillar to butterfly experiment in preschool. The students loved it and learned a lot about the life cycle. http://www.brennaphillips.com/caterpillars-to-butterflies

  4. We hatched butterflies last year in preschool using the same kit. The kids loved it! Thanks for the printable. I'll definitely be using it this year.

  5. Beth, You have been such an encouraging presence for my blog. I admire your love of learning, your kind and encouraging spirit, and your dedication to giving your children a wealth of life experiences. Living Life Intentionally has created/brought together a community of bloggers interested in furthering the learning of their children. Thank you! I am passing on the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award to you. You can find out about it in this post. http://keithaschaos.blogspot.com/2012/08/one-lovely-blog-and-very-inspiring.html You are under no obligation to accept it. I just wanted to recognize you.

  6. Fun! I like your observation book too.
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

  7. Great blog post! Love the photos.

    You can also get the caterpillar rearing kits at FreeCaterpillars.com.

  8. This is fabulous!!! We are starting our pavillion in may! I can't wait! Thank you for this perfect resource!

  9. Thanks for the great resource! Pinning it. Coming by way of Discover and Explore linky.

  10. Such a great post! I love your photos so we are able to experience the process with you. We've never hatched butterflies but now I'd love to try. Thanks for linking up at Discover & Learn - I've pinned your post to our feature board!

  11. Our caterpillars arrived today! Thanks for this great resource to go along with the activity.

  12. Thank you for this great book! We just got our caterpillars and I wanted to do something more than watch them!! This is perfect!! Thank you again!!

  13. I LOVE the observations book you made. It'll be perfect for my preschool class (simple yet engaging)! Thank you!!

  14. My kids are thoroughly enjoying learning about the butterflies in our kit, as well as using your booklet to keep record of it. Thanks so much for the printable!