Early Settlers #4– William Penn, Silhouettes, and Stocks

Monday, May 14, 2012

Early Settlers #4– William Penn, Silhouettes, and Stocks

In our final week talking about Early American Settlers as part of our homeschool history for kids  unit we learned about William Penn who was a Quaker and the founder of Pennsylvania. As usual with our homeschool units they are filled with hands on history projects for kids. This is perfect for the entire homeschool family to learn about together.
free printable life in colonial america book for homeschool kids

Colonial America' William Penn - The Founder of Pennsylvania for Kids

We also read The New Americans which is a great book to go back and ‘tell the story’ of the Early Settlers in the 1600s. It was a wonderful way to help Goofy see how all the colonies fit together and review what we had learned.

Colonial America Silhouette Pictures - History Projects for Homeschoolers

Colonists were not able to take many things with them when they left for America. Camera’s had not been invented and it was expensive and time consuming to have an oil picture made of oneself. So Silhouette pictures became popular with colonists as a way to preserve loved ones likenesses and decorate their homes. Here is our Colonial Silhouette Picture.
Colonial America Silhouette Pictures - History Projects for Homeschoolers

Colonial Punishment Stocks - Homeschool History Project

Stocks were used in Colonial America to punish colonists. One punishable item was blasphemy. In the stocks people were submitted to public humiliation as others were encourage to laugh at them (where the term laughing stock comes from) and throw mud, eggs, and rotten vegetables at them. We made our own stocks. The kids determined it would not be fun to be stuck like this.
Colonial Punishment Stocks - Homeschool History Project

FREE Life in Colonial America Book for Homeschoolers

And we added the remaining pages to our Life in colonial America Book:

  • William Penn & Pennsylvania
  • Puritan Boston & Salem
  • French in America
  • Spanish in America
  • Colonial Expansion & Native Americans
  • 1700s in Colonial America
  • 13 Colonies Mapwork & Review
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  1. Interesting thing I learned when we were at Williamsburg. The stocks, were the ones for your feet, and were used kind of like hand cuffs.

    I love the stocks you made and they're very cool.

  2. Adorable stocks! Your little one looked like he was having fun. And the silhouettes are cute, too! Renee

  3. Hi,

    I recently discovered your blog through a reference to your amazing Vikings activity, and have enjoyed following it very much ever since. You make everything seem like so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm not a homeschooler (it's almost unheared of in my country) but I do a lot of educational activities and crafts with my very inquisitive two older boys in the after noons and weekends.

    However, ever since my younger one was born (exactly 1 yo now) I can hardly accomplish anything with them as he requires my full attention at almost all hours of the day.

    I see you not only manage with the older ones, but also envolve the little one in the activities and I would love to hear some tips on how you do it.

    I did see the 40 ways to distract a toddler post but mine would not do any activity without either being on my hands or by my side when we sit together. Even those activities are never longer than very few minutes, so I can talk to my sons but can hardly do anything else.

    Thanks again for your inspiring site!

  4. Your stocks are awesome! There is a lot of overlap with European History. We recently visited a criminal museum in Germany which was all about medieval punishments. They had lots of public humiliation devices.

  5. I love your activities and your free download. I hope you don't mind but I shared the link on my blog. Thank you for these great ideas and resources!

  6. Hi. I have been going through your blog all day! lol I downloaded the colonial america book but I'm only getting 8 pages. I am really loving your blog!

  7. I tried downloading your Complete Life in Colonial America 45 page book but I only received 8 pages. I also tried looking for it in your TPT store but was unable to locate it there. Can you please tell me where I might find the rest of the pages? Thank you!