FREE Printable Seasons Activities

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FREE Printable Seasons Activities

Help kids understand the four seasons and how they relate to the months of the year with this free printable seasons activities. LOTS of fun weather activities for kids to make learning FUN!
Learning about the 4 Seasons - Great theme for toddler, preschool or Kindergarten including hand art craft and free printables

Teaching Preschoolers about Seasons

We do calendar time daily (our FREE Daily Calendar Pages are here), but as the seasons change so infrequently it can be difficult for children to grasp the whole concept so I came up with this {FREE} Season Spin Printable.

This is a great activity for Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade kids.

FREE Seasons Worksheets

free printable to teach toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade about four seasons spring, summer, fall, winter and months of the year

This is such a fun LOW PREP seasons worksheet to help kids understand the four seasons and months of the year.

First have student color the pictures and letters on their Four Seasons Spinner project.

seasons worksheets

Next, have students cut out the two circular parts and the triangle out of the top circle.

FREE Printable Seasons Activities - this is such a fun, LOW PREP seasons worksheets to help kids in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade about the four seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring) and how they relate the months with a wonderful visual activity they will LOVE!

There are 2 options with this free download (below)

  1. You can either teach them the four seasons alone 
  2. Or you can teach them about the 4 seasons showing the months. I feel like adding the months allows kids to better grasp when the months /seasons occur. PLUS I think it is cool for kids to see all the months in a circle that they go around and around over and over.  Each season has a section to color in representing the season. Then you stick the two sections together with a brad and you have a fun season spin. We are keeping ours with our Calendar so that as the months or seasons change they can see the change happen as part of a whole. The beautiful month clipart is used with permission form Philip Martin.

Seasons Activities

We also learned about seasons with these activities:

Season Spin Preschool Activity

I called out an activity that takes place in a particular season. The kids then turned their season spinner to the correct spinner (they got a Valentine Conversation Heart for correct answers =-)Preschool science - Learning about Seasons

What do you Wear in the _____ Activity

Dress-up FUN! I called out a season and the kids got the appropriate clothes on for the season from our dress-up clothes. This is a great way to help them understand about dressing appropriately!
    Preschool science - Learning about SeasonsPreschool science - Learning about Seasons

    Flannel Dress Up Bear Activity

    Using our dress-up bear flannel graph set
    Preschool science - Learning about SeasonsPreschool science - Learning about Seasons

    Seasonal Hand Art Craft for Kids

    We made this artwork showing the same tree in the four different seasons. We traced Minnie’s hand to make the tree trunk. Then we labeled our four season trees. As Goofy had just finished studying famous artist Seurat we decided to use his Pointillism style to make our trees.
      Season Hand Art Craft for KidsSeason Hand Art Craft for KidsSeason Hand Art Craft for Kids
      Season Hand Art Craft for Kids

      We had a LOT of fun learning, playing, and crafting with the seasons. Now we are ready for today’s season change! Welcome Spring!!

      More Weather Activities for Kids

      Download FREE Season Spin

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      3. The 4 season hand art looks fantastic and your seasons printable is a great idea! It would be lovely if you'd like to share this with our Spring Carnival. :)

      4. this is an awesome craft and spinner (very detailed).

      5. The spinner seems unable to print. When i try to get to it, I am redirected to google drive.

      6. Siniti - I just tried and it worked fine. The file is in Google Docs so you will need some sort of google account to dowload it. If you continue to have problems you can email me livinglifeintentionallyblog (at)
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      7. Absolutely love the 4 season hand art! Will try this with my son. Thanks for sharing!

      8. Thank you for sharing the seasons printable! And, I absolutely love the tree art. Beautiful!

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      10. I loved the hand art nice way to relate art and science.

      11. Hello there! Thanks for the free season spinner printable. I downloaded it, copied it for my class and cut out all of the circles ready to go... then I realised that the months/seasons are American not Australian! So into my scrap paper box they went, and I'll do the set without the months. But if you'd ever consider creating a set with the Australian months and seasons I would gladly purchase a copy on TpT :)
        I'd also love to feature this resource on my blog (with your permission) as part of my summary of my weather unit.

      12. your work is great, thank you so much for sharing

        1. You are so welcome, thanks for the sweet note!

      13. Excelentes ideas, yo ya imprimí las 2 ruletas de las estaciones. GRacias!!!