Sensory FUN with edible finger Paint

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sensory FUN with edible finger Paint

Kids of all ages will love digging in and playing and creating masterpieces with this edible finger paint perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids too!
Amazing, easy to make EDIBLE Finger Paint - perfect for toddler, preschool, kindergarten age kids for a fun sensory activity.

I am always trying to find unique, fun ideas to get my kids to explore with their senses – a great way to form brain pathways that are going to allow them to learn over their life – plus it is just plain FUN!!

I originally saw the idea for this edible finger paint from Enjoying the Journey.

Simple Edible Finger Paint Recipe

baby safe edible finger paint

It is super simple – just pour some shaken sweetened condensed milk in small bowls. Add food coloring (I used my Wilton decorating colors because that is what we had on hand). One can will give you 4 small bowls. We used 2 cans partly because we had two cans laying around and partly because I think big & was imagining all the fun colors to paint with =-)

Edible Finger Paint color mixing

Here are all our colors in their bowls ready to go!

Beautiful, colorful edible finger paint for kids

Now comes the squishy, sensory, beautiful FUN!!  My baby, preschooler, and 1st grader all had a BLAST! They made some actual finger paintings.

Preschool Finger Painting Activities

The edible finger paint will dry on the paper after a couple hours. Although I don’t know that this is one for the memory books. Better let the experience and pictures be your keepsake.

  Edible Finger Paint Art

My baby enjoyed mixing the colors with her fingers best of all.

baby edible finger paint color mixing

The colors were so beautiful all mixed together!

Gorgeous color mixing for babies with edible finger paint

Then my baby discovered the edible part – and it tasted pretty good too =-)

baby safe edible finger paint   baby safe edible finger paint

I LOVE this season of life when I have little kiddos at home! Their sweet smiles, laughter, curiosity, endless cuddles, and even the messes (mostly!). I am truly blessed!

Additional Resources:

preschool edible finger paint color mixing


  1. so beautiful colours and mixed colours; congrats :)

  2. Very cute! I saw this on Pinterest and plan to do it fun!

  3. I'm curious as to how it holds up/dries. We've done edible paints before and they never seem to hold up well or stay wet forever then the 2yo asks where her paintings went!

  4. Kelley,

    It was a lot of sensory, color, playful fun. But I wouldn't want to keep the sticky creations. We took pictures of them and I made prints for my kids to hang in their room.

    Beth =-)