Glue Snowman Craft

This is such a cool, clever winter craft for kids! Kids will create a glue snowman they can actually hang or use as a decoration on a windshield.
Glue snowman craft - this super clever and unique winter craft for kids is fun to make and display. this snowman project is great for kids from toddler, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and 4th grade kids.

Ever since seeing this idea at Rockabye Butterfly I knew it sounded like something fun we want to do too!  So in case you haven’t seen this here is what we did!

Snowman Activities for Kids

Snowman Craft for Kids

January 2012 1534

Gathered glue (I always get it when it goes 75% off after back-to-school), pipe cleaners, pom poms, I cut out felt accessories, googly eyes, and puffy paint.

on wax paper put white elmers glue in a filled in snowman shape

On wax paper, make an outline of a snowman with Elmer's white glue. Then fill in the snowman with glue - you can make a big blob of glue in the middle & used our fingers to spread a thick layer of glue.

use google eyes, buttons, pipe cleanres and any other materials you have to make the features of the snowman on the wet glue

Set out buttons, google eyes, pipe cleaners, confetti, or anything else you have make features on the snowman. The puffy paint turned out super cute on top of the glue or to make arms.

make a snowman project for kids

While the glue is still wet, use the materials you have to make snowman eyes, hats, buttons, scarves, arms, and more.

winter craft for kids

This is such a cute winter craft for kids that will turn out differently every time!

Then you have 2 choices to let the glue dry. Leave it overnight or put on cookie sheet and bake 1-2 hours at 200 F. Then carefully peel off, hang & enjoy!

Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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