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So last week our preschool theme was chosen based entirely by my kids interests! Out of now where, Goofy started making a whole bunch of signs (stop sign, duck crossing, labeling our rooms, etc).
December 2011 162

I finally realized he got the idea from our favorite educational series: PBS’ Curious George Signs Up (Season 2, Episode 6). So I quickly got to work putting together a Curious George Preschool Pack & a Traffic Signs Add-on Pack to be ready while Goofy was still thinking about signs!

Here is our learning fun:
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December 2011 176December 2011 174
December 2011 177December 2011 181
We went on a driving scavenger hunt looking for, pointing out, and explaining what different signs meant. Then we practiced with worksheets:
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Plus we played some of our favorite games – Curious George Helper Game, Curious George Beach Memory, Curious George Helps at the Zoo (Hide & Seek with walkie Talkie & game board)
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AND – sorry  no pictures – Red Light/Green Light and then being unseasonably warm we drew roads & traffic signs on the driveway & the kids raced around the ‘road’ on their cars/trikes.
Here are some great {FREE} Curious George resources online:
In case you missed it, here are my {FREE} Curious George Preschool Packs. And remember if your family uses it & blogs about it (like I did above) email me at livinglifeintentionallyblog @ and I will link up your blog for everyone to see the pack in action!! 
Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

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