Holiday Traditions #8 – Christmas Morning

Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Traditions #8 – Christmas Morning

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PC250009_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumbHere is how our Christmas morning looks – PJ’s!! We might run a comb through our hair… but we all (yep, me too) leave on our Christmas jammies! The kids know the are not allowed to get up before their clock says at least 6am…..we are all usually up by 6:30am

The kids run & look under the tree. They giggle & wonder who is getting the biggest present!! (In this picture Goofy got the biggest – we used tape to put 3 boxes together go get his Playmobil Castle wrapped – I got it for $35 on Ebay!!!)
December 2010 212
While the kids are busy looking at the presents we warm up wassail to drink and turn the oven on to preheat.
Then Daddy reads the Christmas story – it is after all Jesus’ birthday  - He is our focus!! With all little ones, Daddy uses a story book with illustrations to help the kids visualize the first Christmas. Some years we have used our Fischer Price Little People Nativity…. others we let them act out the story afterwards. Then we sing a carol or two, pray and thank God for the gift of Jesus!
December 2011 958December 2011 1250
Then I put the Egg Bake in the oven. I LOVE this simple, easy, assemble-the-night-before recipe from my Aunt Carol!! Who wants to be cooking on Christmas? Not me! It sounds too simple to be good, but TRUST me – it is DELCIOUS!!!
Now it’s time for stockings!! Stockings are kind of a free-for-all and the kids get to just open & go through all their stuff. We usually put in a couple small things wrapped (think Target’s dollar section), a few pieces of candy, lollipop, and maybe a small stuffed animal. My hubby usually gets Pistachios (his favorite – and they are so blooming expensive we don’t get them often!)
Then the kids are more than happy to snap a quick picture in front of the Christmas tree….after all they know they can’t open presents until Mommy gets a picture =-)
This year Goofy just wanted to sort & rearrange the presents - not open. We let him be =-)December 2010 129_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumbPC250028
Then we open presents one at a time. I know some families like to just dig in, but I LOVE watching my children’s faces as they discover what we got them!! Priceless!! We take turns and pause to examine or play with things as they are opened. We use to make the kids wait to play with things until the end, but decided we were teaching them to open and move on instead of being grateful for each and every present. It lead to, “Quick….now what” instead of focusing on the gift! So we will stop & play Operation after it is opened. Sure the presents take longer that way…. but who’s in a hurry? Don’t we all wish that moment will last as long as it can?!  We pause and eat our breakfast – Egg Bake & Monkey Bread - whenever it is ready and then go back to opening presents. (Can you tell I like to use big boxes – it is more dramatic =-)
PC250050December 2010 232
My favorite big present the kids have gotten! Minnie got a dollhouse (Grandma found it for us at a garage sale!) and Goofy got a Playmobil Castle (after a year of bidding…. I won it on Ebay!)
I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about our traditions! Click on the traditions button (upper right corner of the blog) if you missed any. If you have a fun tradition that I haven’t mentioned, I’d love to hear about it!!
So from our house to yours,


  1. What wonderful traditions! I love that you pray to thank God for Jesus!

  2. What fun! I too like to see everyone's expressions.. I am bummed we are missing out on some of our families reactions this year since they will be at my inlaw's on a different day then us!

  3. Awesome family picture! I loved this post. I make an egg bake dish and monkey bread on Christmas morning too! I may try your egg dish recipe this year! We too open presents one at a time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. How uplifting to read about your family's traditions. I keep reading about Christian families - homeschooling ones in particular who are giving up many of the traditions such as the tree or deciding not to even celebrate Christmas at all because of it's origins and that really saddens me. We celebrate in a similar way and this year I have bought my youngest the FP Nativity playset which looks just delightful... he keeps gravitating to my Willow Tree Nativity which is set out on a table and if he just stands on tiptoe he can reach it. I will be very glad to give him one of his own!
    I am going to try that recipe too because I have a tonne of eggs to use up from our chickens.
    Blessings from down under where we celebrate Christmas in summer! I'm planning on Christmas dinner outside on our newly laid patio. You can see my Christmas table and read about one of my traditions (English Christmas crackers)at my last post, do pop over if you have time!

  5. Oh we are the same with gifts. We ejoy them and watch each and every one being opened. I hope you will link up some of your traditions over at Christmas Fun :-)

  6. Wonderful tradition! I love that! Hugs and Love!!