Blogging & Safety

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blogging & Safety

blogging tipsI love the blogging friends I’ve made and being able to exchange ideas with so many creative Moms. So at times it is hard to think about safety – everyone I’m chatting with seems so NICE ! But the reality is that the people I need to worry about are not the ones I’m chatting with, they are the ones who are reading and combing through my pictures, but not letting me know they stopped by.
We all work hard to protect our children; we make sure they are dressed warm enough when it is cold outside, take them to the doctor if they are sick, make sure they have a good education, teach them about right and wrong, and teach them about stranger danger. So I just wanted to take a moment to make sure you’ve all considered if your blog is keeping your kids safe.  I may sound a little paranoid, but I have a techy for a hubby & he keeps me on my toes!

Here are some things to think about:
  • Do you have your names (especially last names) on your blog? If you give out your first & last name there is a strong chance someone could identify / find you
  • Do you list where you live? If you say you live in a small town in Idaho and give you first name there is a chance someone could identify you
  • Do you show pictures of your kids in the bath or without many clothes on? Not only should you worry about some of the disturbing individuals out there combing the internet for just such pictures, but think of your child who might be embarrassed by it at some point.
  • Does your email address or name that you comment with link back to your blog? If so than you have given away your name without even thinking about it. You can edit your blogger section to make sure only your first name shows up!
  • Are your pictures identifiable? Can someone look at your pictures & see the front of your house with house number. If so I sure hope you don’t have your last name online!
Heavy things to think about, I know. But I wanted to take the time to make sure all my blogging friends are safe =-) Again, chances are you are fine – but it only takes one time. Enough said.

Why is your blog on lock down?

Here is one thing I’ve noticed that you all have done that I don’t  think is necessary. Many of you have your blogs locked down like Fort Knox!
What do I mean? When people try to comment on your post they have to log in, enter comment, then enter characters (to prove they are a person), and then log in AGAIN! I think you’d all have more people taking the time to comment if it didn’t take so long! The only spam I’ve gotten has been through the “Anonymous” option. If someone is going to take the time to log in under their Google account, chances are they aren’t spamming you (and then you’d be able to block their account anyway!) And have you ever noticed that most of the biggie blogs (Homeschool Creations, Confessions of a Homeschooler, etc) don’t have their blogs locked down….and they’ve been at this a lot longer than I have.

Just food for thought, so to speak! If you didn’t realize you had it enabled or how to turn it off – here is how:
  • Log in to Blogger (sorry I don’t know how to do it if you are using Word press) and go to Settings Tab.
  • Click under COMMENTSimage
  • You can now choose “Who Can Comment” (I still have enabled Anonymous because Blogger catches all the spam and it is about 1-2 a week, but you might choose just to get ride of anonymous all together) Since I prepared this post I have since gotten rid of the Anonymous option & the Spam has gone away completely.
  • Scroll down the page and you can choose if you want to enable “Comment Moderation” (if you want to see the comment before they get posted)image
  • Next is “Show word verification for comments” – I’d encourage you to choose NO. Again, do whatever you like. Remember you can always change these settings again if you decide you don’t like it. I just think a lot of us left them whatever they were pre-set at and never ever realized the hassle!
Some of you have your own form coded into your web design so this doesn’t apply to you. Others have Discus (which I love & need to figure out how to get to work with my web coding) which is the best option if you ask me (you can go there & see who replied back to you from all the blogs you commented in that use Discus).

Hope this was helpful! If you have questions about anything blogging or website related I am happy to do my best to answer it =-)


  1. Thanks for this post... I've thought about this too a lot. So I changed my posts and don't put my kids real name on there any more. I'm also using my nickname instead of my real name :) and on my profile, I don't have the location to where I live. So many things to think about.


  2. Great post! Also, make sure the location services on your camera is turned off. Otherwise, anyone can locate the exact place where you took the photo. Also a good reminder if someone else takes a photo of you and post it publically.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this. I just started a blog and I worry quite a bit about safety. I've never heard about location services on a camera. I'll be reading my manual soon!

  4. Great advice. I am aware of all that you say and I think you are so right.
    Carolyn xx

  5. Great tips! One time I was shooting pictures for a post, and when I was going through the pictures I noticed my daughter had address labels all over the front of her shirt. She likes to play with address lables and tends to stick them everywhere. Thankfully, I noticed it, and blurred them out of the picture before posting to my blog.
    I have kept the Anon comments because it wasn't allowing certain readers to post their comments and I had several complaints from legitimate folks saying their comments weren't going through. So I allowed for anon comments. The only worry with anon comments is it imakes it easier for someone to post some oddball comment, but if you check your comments frequently, you can delete them.

  6. Good post. I am sahking my head wildly at the 'block lock down' having all of the hurdles to jump through just makes commening way too hard and really unnecessary.

    I think if someone wants to be careful, simply approve each comment before it appears :-)

  7. Thanks for the hint about Discus, adding that now. And your post about analytics was great too.

  8. Thanks for this very informative post. I'm certainly going to check out all my settings.

  9. Beth, this is very informative and interesting. Thank you!