FREE Vowel Letters Building Activity

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

FREE Vowel Letters Building Activity

Is your Kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade homeschooling student working on learning vowels. I created this free printable language arts game to help kids practice their vowels in a fun way. The Vowel Shapes Game is easy to play and a fun learning activity for kids.
FREE Vowels Activity - make learning which alphabet letters are vowel letters with this fun vowels build recognition activity for prek, kindergarten, first grade that makes learning FUN

I came up with this game to help my young kids practice identifying vowels while at the same time playing to make learning FUN!

I want them to understand that you need vowels to build words. Did you know there is no word in the English language without a vowel! 

As a side benefit, this game will also reinforce shapes, colors, and use great math skills. If I do say so myself, I think this is a pretty awesome activity for prek, kindergarten, and first grade!

Vowel Recognition Game

cut out the vowel shapes

Begin by printing the instructions, vowel shapes, the dice inserts (we use these Photo Stacking Blocks ) and the 6 vowel shape pictures you will be building.

Now cut out the vowel shapes.

vowel letters

To play have your student roll the dice to see what vowel shape they get.  Ask your student, “What vowel did you get?” (you can also have them identify the shape and color to practice those too!)

Then have them pick up the vowel shape (if they still need it) & place it on their picture.

Take turns and keep playing until somebody finishes their picture – they win!
    Kids will quickly remember which letters they are building with and start to associate those letters as vowels. SO SIMPLE. SO FUN. SO EDUCATIONAL! 

    Learning about Vowels Game Options

    • You can all do the same picture
    • For younger children, you can play without mentioning the vowels & simple play with colors or shapes
    • You can play non-competitively: if you already have the vowel shape you rolled you can give it to someone else. Keep playing until everyone’s picture is completed
    • For older children, you can have children build the picture without building right on the template to make it harder!

    FREE Printable Vowel Shapes Game for Homeschoolers

    Download FREE Vowel Shapes Game  

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    1. What an awesome idea! LOVE it. Thanks so much for linking to One Artsy Mama.

    2. Love this! Perfect for my son, too!

    3. You're amazing and I'm so thankful for this resource. As a single mom on a fixed income (I have fairly severe fibromyalgia) your blogs have been just wonderful. We tend toward unschooling and my newly 5 yr old LOVES to play games and as she is just starting to read, this one is great to reinforce new material. She also enjoys written work peppered throughout her week and we will be picking our way through the weather unit as well. It's very easy to convert to Celsius too as we're Canadians. :) Thanks a MILLION for your brilliance and creativity and sharing heart.
      Light and Love,<3

    4. Is this one not available anymore? That's too bad. I thought we could have a blast with this one. :)