Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite parts about homeschooling is the taking fieldtrips. I love that we can go during the week when there are fewer people and things are typically less expensive. My hubby took the day off and we headed to Kuipers Farm. There were a couple school groups for part of the day, but it was still pretty much ours for the taking!
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Tractor Tire Mountain
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Not a Sandbox…… a corn box! How cool is that?
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Playground – Horse swings!!
October 2011 245
Petting Coral
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Doesn’t it just warm a mother’s heart to see her kids as friends! Tinkerbell got all tuckered out by after lunchtime.
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Goofy’s favorite – the Hay Fortress! So many secret passage ways, thing to climb, and a slide too!
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Picking a pumpkin from the patch
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Lots of fun scarecrows to look at!
October 2011 234
Tractor racing circle with 10+ different tractors to choose from. There was even a gas pump for the kids to pretend to fill them up!
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Corn Maize! They had a map & signs through that you could punch where you’d been. The signs helped teach kids interesting facts
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Jumping Pillow. Even Daddy had fun playing at it!
October 2011 192
Beth Gorden
Beth Gorden

Beth Gorden is a homeschooling mother of six who strives to enjoy every moment with her kids through hands-on learning, crafts, new experiences, and lots of playing together. Beth is also the creator and author of 123 Homeschool 4 Me where she shares 1000+ free printables, creative homeschool lessons, crafts, and other fun ideas to help preschool and homeschooling families have fun while learning and exploring together.