FREE Frog Addition Game

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FREE Frog Addition Game

Cute little frogs make this addition games a  cool math games for Kindergarten and 1st graders to practice addition.
FREE Frog Addition Game - this is such a fun way for kindergarten, first grade, and 2nd grade kids to practice addition with a fun twist. This makes great extra practice for spring break, summer learning, math centers, and more.

This is such a fun, hands on way for kids to practice addition!

My goal is to make learning FUN! And kids need a LOT of practice with addition and subtraction to gain math fluency. This activity is great for Kindergarten and 1st graders to get practice without appearing tedious.

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Addition Game

As I prepared for our farm week, I made some new printables to teach with our new theme. I created this Frog Addition Game to help my kids practice adding numbers 0-20 in a fun, playful. way.

addition practice

  • Print file in color, preferably on cardstock or laminate for durability.
  • Cut out the frogs & lily pads 
addition math center to help kindergarten, first grade practice

  1. Have your child add up the numbers on the frog (you can use manipulatives such as pom poms, rocks, abacus, etc. to help).
  2. Put The frog on the correct lily pad (1-20). 
  3. There will be multiple frogs per lily pad.

addition games

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  1. This is such perfect timing! We are doing the letter "F" next week and this will go so well. Thank you so much for sharing! Love the lily pad idea!

  2. Awesome idea- I just pinned it on Pinterest! My little man has to learn math in Kindergarten- crazy. What ever happened to naps? Thank you for sharing this with us on The Sunday Showcase

  3. Thanks! So glad others can use this activity too. I thought it was pretty cute & my Kindergartner lOVED it!

  4. downloading - have to see how it looks printed in b+w :) thanks!

  5. Looks cute. My kindgergartner would like it.Too bad it won't download for me.

  6. Love this! I printed it out with my 2nd grader in help him memorize his basic addition facts. But then I got the idea to use it with my preschooler to help her learn her numbers. I printed two different cute frogs off a print program (small size - I got twenty to a page)). She counts out how many frogs to put on each lily pad and my son figures out which problems match which lily pad - and he can use the little frogs as his counters. Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  7. Looks very cute and funny, but the download link doesn't exist anymore :(

  8. Is there any possibility to get the file back?I love the idea but unfortunately the file is no longer accessible. Many thanks!

    1. Thanks for the heads up. It's all fixed with a new download link =)