Felt Apple Counters

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Felt Apple Counters

Easy to make DIY felt apple counters are great for hands on tactile number learning for toddlers and preschoolers. Here is a free printable and tutorial.

Felt Counting Apples

Multi-Sensory Math Learning for Toddlers

So you’ve heard me talk about the importance of multi-sensory learning activities for brain development, right? I wanted to help Minnie (and eventually Tinkerbell) have practice identifying numbers & counting numbers in a tactile way. So… I made these cute little felt apple counter.

DIY Felt Apple Counters for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Here is what I used: 2 sheets red felt, 2 sheets tan felt, sticker Velcro (for tactile counting), printed numbers (because I needed a guide –I’m not that crafty!), spool green ribbon, needle, black thread & red thread.
FREE Template - for personal use only, please do not host or link others directly to the download.
I cut out (from template I created – click picture above) the red apple & sewed on the numbers. Then I cut out tan smaller apple & stuck on Velcro “seeds” to be counted. I sewed the green “stem” as I sewed the red & tan apple pieces together. And here is a look at the finished product on both sides. I am sure someone could have done a better job sewing, but it got the job done, right?
Felt Counting ApplesFelt Counting Apples - Seed Side

The kids LOVED these! Minnie enjoyed counting the seeds. We lined them up on the floor in order (both sides), played a game with tweezers (another good coordination skill) picking up the apples and keeping them if they knew the number, you get the idea – the skies the limit.
Minnie Counting Apple SeedsGoofy enjoying some apple funPutting Felt Apples in Order
They really didn’t take me more than a couple hours to whip up & are such a great resource that we can use over and over. Plus they went along so well with our How to Make an Apple Pie & See the World (Five in a Row) theme for this week! Plus – it’s fall!!

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  1. I just found these: cute! (and what cute kids)

  2. These are do cool! You did a nice job on the seeing. Don't sell yourself short