M is for M&M

Monday, September 12, 2011

M is for M&M

September 2011 050What better way to learn with the letter M than with M&M's right? They are great manipulatives for counting, sorting, graphing, making into patterns and so much more! The kids were DELIGHTED!! I got the great idea & wonderful resources from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  Besides the obvious fun & learning I was a big fan of the cutting pages. What a great idea to help kids practice cutting in straight or bumpy lines!

M&M Building Cards: These activities are great for spatial relations, patterns, logical reasoning, geometric concepts, & computation skills

September 2011 047

M&M Counting: Simply count the m&m;’s then put the correct number on them!

September 2011 045   September 2011 051

M&M; Graphing

September 2011 046

M&M Pattern Activity: Cut out the attached pieces and continue the pattern! 

September 2011 049

Letter M Practice & Cutting Practice

September 2011 052    September 2011 053


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