Matching Sweaters

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Matching Sweaters

When I am on modified bedrest (which has happened with all three of my pregnancies) I get bored very quickly. I have other kids to look after so even if I wanted to veg in front of the TV all day, I can't. So I knit, knit, and knit some more. Since I've gotten quicker knitting after I knit Tinkerbell's blanket and a half a dozen hats I still had time on my hands. So I decided to knit the kids sweaters.

Now I'd knit Goofy a vest a couple years back and that was pretty straightforward so I thought how hard can a sweater be!

Well, a vest is a lot easier. But the patience, time, and a couple do-overs I managed to figure it out. I loved the idea of coordinating my kiddos so I actually made them all snowman sweaters. Each snowman had a different color sweater. Here is the finished product:
The kids LOVE their sweaters & wear them proudly. I am so blessed!

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