Fun Lunches

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun Lunches

I don't know about in your house, but in my house lunches can get kind of boring! They tend to be more of the same boring old thing. So I decided to get intentional about providing fun, creative, memorable lunches to surprise my kids with.

Fun Lunch #1
Blue Jello ocean, fruit island, potato boat with bacon people & cheese sail.

Fun Lunch #2
The kids & I were talking about bugs in our homeschool preschool this day. So I made a buggy lunch. We've got ants on a log (raisins on peanut buttered celery), black olive half cockroaches, snails (apple quarter with peanut butter & walnut antennae), and strawberry with chocolate sauce ladybugs.

Both lunches were a huge hit! The kids were very appreciative and enjoyed the fun lunch. The lunches themselves were healthy too!

What are you having for lunch?

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