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18 Educational Balloon Games

Kids love balloons! I’ve rounded up 18 of the most fun Educational Balloon Games for warm weather entertainment. As spring ends and summer are about to begin, I think your homeschoolers will enjoy these exciting educational activities that involve balloons – whether filled with helium or air or water!


Educational Balloon Games

Get ready for a fun summer that is also filled with educational activities with these Educational Balloon Games
Educational Balloon Gamea

1. Practice counting skills with your active learners by trying to keep the balloon up in the air for the number of hits rolled by dice.

2. This Science experiment involves filling water balloons with different liquids and testing them to see which ones float or sink.

3. Letter and number recognition is fun to practice if you write a letter or number on each air-filled balloon and hide them in your yard. Call out a letter, and have your children race to be the first one to find that letter. The winner gets to throw the balloons!

4. There are so many ways kids can learn their ABC’s, numbers, and colors by playing with water balloons!

Educational Balloon Games

5. Mix sensory play with logical thinking skills practice with this mystery balloon sensory activity.

6. Practice math equations with water balloons. In this game, children throw water balloons at the correct answer to the problem.

7. With a large balloon, you can teach letter recognition by writing letters all over it, then tossing it to your child. Have him/her call out the letter closest to them.

8. You can also use balloons to practice sight words and phonics, such as this CVC sight word balloon sort or this word endings game.

9. Kids can learn physics by making balloon animals and having them race down a string (like this game, only it doesn’t have to be holiday-themed of course).


10. This literature-based number recognition game uses the book Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss as a theme.

11. Here’s another alphabet game with water balloons. This is a neat idea because you can see the letters within the balloons themselves.

12. Complete another Science experiment using Pop Rocks and balloons, sure to be fun and delicious!

13. Storytelling skills and creative ideas will improve with this balloon storytelling activity.

Physical Education Games with Balloons

14. Take some towels and have your children use them to toss the balloons back and forth in this towel toss game.

15. In this game, kids can practice throwing and aiming at a target with water balloons.

16. Tennis inside? You can with balloons and fly-swatters or DIY tennis rackets! So much fun for a day you can’t go outside but still need to get in some physical activity.

17. Another game with balloons that you can play inside is Balloon Hockey.

18. Balloon volleyball is a great way to build many core strength and motor skills.

More Fun with Balloons!

If you loved these ideas, then you’ll enjoy these 30 fun and creative things to do with balloons!

For all those leftover balloons from birthday parties or events, these 18 educational ideas will be useful! Your homeschoolers will love playing these fun balloon games.

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