Watermelon Coffee Filter Suncatcher Craft

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Watermelon Coffee Filter Suncatcher Craft

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Watermelon is one of those summer favorites that my boys get excited about every year. So much so, that when I asked what they wanted to do for a craft today my five year old said he wanted to do a watermelon craft! This activity is fun for kids because a spray bottle is involved, and also uses a coffee filter which makes it a great summer suncatcher to decorate the window.
Watermelon Coffee Filter Suncatcher Craft - this is such a cute watermelon craft for kids for kids of all ages; perfect summer craft for kids

Coffee filters are so versatile and inexpensive, which makes them perfect for crafts with kids. One of my favorite activities as a child was coloring on a coffee filter with markers and then spraying it with water to watch the colors blend together. It's fun to watch!

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  • coffee filter
  • red and pink markers
  • pencil (or something to trace with)
  • spray bottle with water
  • green and black construction paper
  • glue
  • scissors
HINT:  If doing this with younger children or many kids at a time, you may want to pre-cut the rinds and seeds.

coffee filter, construction paper, markers

First, fold a coffee filter in half and cut along the fold line.

Next color one half of the coffee filter with red and pink markers.

spray the coffee filter that is covered with markers to blend colors

Use a spray bottle to lightly mist the coffee filter, just until the colors start to blend together. Watch as the colors slowly run together. Add a bit more water if needed to get the effect you like, however too much water will wash the color out.

Let dry completely. *Note: We found that leaving the coffee filter to dry in the spot it was sprayed results in more vibrant color, even though it may take longer to dry with the extra water. If you're short on time, you can move the coffee filter to a paper towel to dry.

trace folded coffee filter

While the "painted" half of the coffee filter is drying, it is a good time to make the watermelon rind and seeds,

Use the other half of the coffee filter to trace onto green construction paper.

cut the green construction paper rind for the watermelon craft

Cut out the traced shape, and then cut along the inside to cut out the center. This is the rind.

Make the seeds using black construction paper. An efficient way to do this is to fold the paper to make a few layers and cut a seed shape to get many at a time.

glue the construction paper rind onto the coffee filter and glue on black construction paper seeds

Glue the rind and seeds on top of the dry coffee filter to complete the watermelon!

coffee filter craft

Put them in the window to use them as festive summer suncatchers. We used rolled tape under the construction paper to affix them to the windows. They catch the light nicely!

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