Reusable Geography and History Maps

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Reusable Geography and History Maps

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Get ready to be impressed! These History and Geography world maps are a homeschool must have. They will help kids visualize what they are learning, are reusable, and can be easily stored to be used over and over as needed.
Reusable Geography and History Wall Stickers

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Educents. I never share anything I can’t honestly endorse. I know you will LOVE this amazing product!

These Reusable Geography & History Wall Stickers are removable, reusable, and will not damage your walls!

What a FUN homeschool tool that your whole family will use year after year. Plus you can always pull them off when you are done, store them, and use them again later.

World Maps

History & Geography Wall Sets use reusable stickers to help kids learn geography with world maps, us map, and historical documents

These interactive wall stickers will help kids of all ages to understand where continents, countries, capitals, historical documents, and more.

It makes geography an interactive game!

reusable wall stickers geography map for homeschoolers

These maps are like a supersized GeoPuzzle, a wall map, geography game, and a handy reference all in one! Here are some suggestions for using these Wall Maps in your homeschool:
  • Have them put together the puzzle on the wall
  • Remove a country/state and have them tell you which one is missing
  • See who can put a particular continent in order the quickest
  • Have children practice using cardinal directions by giving clues about what state/country you are thinking about
  • Use it to keep track of what states your family has traveled to (or is visiting on vacation)
  • Hide the states and see if you can remember what the state capitals are

history wall stickers for homeschooelrs

US Government play set is 24" x 40".
  • Dates, authors and purpose of important US historical documents
  • Government responsibilities with definitions & examples
  • Citizen responsibilities with definitions & examples
  • Branches of Government definitions
  • Branches of Government responsibilities
  • National buildings associated with the 3 branches of government
  • Examples of branches of government at local, state and national level
US Map set is 24" x 16"
  • State capitals
  • State geography
  • Map reading 
  • Compass readings and directionals
  • Bodies of water recognition and geography
  • Mountain range recognition and geography
  • US landmarks
  • State crops and exports
Educational World Map set is 24" x 40"
  • Continent names
  • Continent geography
  • Map reading 
  • Compass readings and directionals
  • Bodies of water recognition and geography
  • Latitude and longitude
  • World cultural landmarks

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