Starting Over with Math

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Starting Over with Math

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Are you looking for a new math curriculum? Maybe your child is frustrated with math, not understanding the concepts, or has fallen behind.  Your child CAN Learn Math Fast! 

This is a sponsored post written by JK Mergens, the author of the Learn Math Fast System. I only share sponsored posts I can wholeheartedly recommend and believe would be of interest to my readers! If you are looking for a streamlined math curriculum that will help your child learn math quickly you'll want to check this out!

Do you ever wish your older child could just start over with math from the beginning, but you fear there isn’t enough time? 

Well now there is!  

The Learn Math Fast System explains 1st to 12th grade math with a different approach allowing older students to advance several grade levels in just one year.  The older you are the faster you’ll learn.  These books are being used in all 50 states and the results have been overwhelmingly positive!  

Seventh graders are going from first grade to tenth grade level in just one year.  It really works; there is even a money back guarantee!  This is not a spiral approach and it does not align with Common Core.  The lessons are presented in a logical, sequential order; each one building upon the last.  Written by a homeschooler for homeschoolers to show you how her son enrolled in college at age 16 and then became a Structural Engineer.

  • Everything is included in each book; all lessons, worksheets, tests, and full answers.  
  • There is no mention of grade levels within the books and they are written for all ages. 
  • The worksheets can be reprinted for free, so you can reuse the books.   
  • Written in a conversational tone with a little humor, so math is fun.
  • Use Promo Code 123HS4ME to get $5 off any order.

Please visit to learn more or just drop by to print off some free stuff

Learn Math Fast Curriculum for 1st-12 grade

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