Help an Upset Child Calm Down

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Help an Upset Child Calm Down

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Here are some fantastic sensory ideas for helping children who are angry calm down.
Parenting - Great tips and practical solutions to help help an angry child calm down

We’ve all told our kids to calm down.

But have we ever told them how?

I know as a child I got frustrated (didn’t we all) and my parents told me to calm down or chill out. And if I didn’t I was punished. But I was never taught how to calm down. I think that is a maturity thing to be able to understand what we need to “calm down”

As adults we probably take some time to our self, talk it out, do something different, eat a snack, or similar. So what have you done to help teach kids (who are sill immature) what do when they get angry or frustrated?

Lemon Lime Adventures has shared 10 Angry Child Sensory Hacks.  These would be a great way for preschool and elementary age kids to “work off” that frustrating in a sensory approach. Great list!
How do you help your child deal with anger or frustration?

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