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Looking for lots of free 1st grade worksheets, 1st grade file folder games, 1st grade math games, 1st grade literacy centers and more? Here are TONS of free 1st Grade Worksheets for homeschoolers and families.
100 FREE 1st Grade Worksheets and Homeschool Units

So you have a 1st grader? Here is your one-stop-shop for all things 1st grade on my blog! Everything here is intended for 1st graders.  And it’s all FREE!!  Just click on any thumbnail below to see more and download the {free} printables! Enjoy!

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1st Grade Language Arts

1st Grade Punctuation File Folder Game Dinosaur Bones PUnctuation Game for 1st Grade 1st Grade noun verb sorting activity 1st Grade Smore Sentence Language Arts Game

1st Grade spelling Word Searche  1st Grade Marshmallow Noun Verb File Folder Game  1st Grade common sight words bingo game  1st Grade Bug Sight Word Game  
image  1st Grade Book Report Form  1st Grade Books to Read  1st Grade Super Hero Reader
1st Grade Spelling Practice image  1st Grade Vowel Game 
1st Grade writing Prompts COVER Frog and Toad are Friends   1st Grade Spelling Practice with Dart Gun Spelling

Reading the Easy Way - 1st Grade

Reading the Easy Way 1st Grade

 Super Heroes Read - reading logs, charts, and more

Reading Logs


1st Grade Math

1st Grade Doggy Additiona Math File Folder Game 1st Grade Mad Minutes Math Game 1st Grade Greater Than Less Than Math Practice 1st Grade Skip Counting File Foler Math Game
1st Grade Logic with Shape Building Book 1st Grade Ruler Practice 1st Grade Logic with Velco Craft Stick Idea Book 1st Grade Number Bonds Math Activity
1st Grade Subtraction Fish File Folder Math game Spring Birds 1st Grade Additiona File Folder Math Game 1st Grade Additiona Math Game 1st Grade Math - Counting to 100 and skip counting
Skip Counting Posters  Skip Counting  Puzzles  Skip Counting  Worksheets Skip Counting Worksheets 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s
Skip Counting mazes

Stop the 30% Summer Learning Loss!

1st Grade RRR {Reading wRiting and aRithmatic}

1st Grade Summer Learning Worksheets

Themed family Learning Worksheet Packs

I have a wide 25+ variety of Packs based on themes with learning activities for 2-8 year olds so the entire family can learn at their level together! There are holiday themes, literature based themes, historical themes, and a variety of others. These packs are intended to pick & choose and are not intended for one child to complete all the pages included.
Themed Family Leanring Packs for 1st Grade  

1st Grade Social Studies / History Units

Note: Units below are good for a range of grades and perfect for combining multiple age groups together!

American Symbols & Landmarks Unit {free} State Printables for kids 3-10  Presidents Day Unit for Elementary Kids 
Hands on Medeival Unit for for Homeschoolers 5 Week Early Explorers Unit 4 week Colonial America Unit
4 week Revolutionary War Unit Westward Expansion - hands on homeschool social studies unit for kids of all ages Geography Game for Kids
{free} country lapbooks Week Long Geography Lesson Apple Pie and See the World Christmas Around the World Worksheets and activities   

1st Grade Science

Note: Units below are good for a range of grades and perfect for combining multiple age groups together!
Habitat Adventure Biome Science Game for Kids Animal Report Forms 1st Grade Weather Unit 1st Grade Nocturnal Farm Animals Game
Lower Elementary Bug Unit How to Grow Crystals 1st Grade Science 1st Grade Science - Discovering the Scientific Method at parks How to make a Lava Lamp - 1st Grade Science Experiment
1st Grade Breeding Guppies Science 1st Grade Moon or Solar System Unit 1st Grade Earth Science Unit - 5 weeks Water Bead Science Experiments for Kids
zoo scavenger hunt 1st Grade Plants Unit zoo fieldtrip worksheets 1st Grade Dinosaur Unit
1st grade worm observatino notebook 1st Grade plant lifecycle notebook Frog Lifecycle Chart and Notebook for Homeschool Science hatching Butterflies for 1st Grade Science with free observation book

1st Grade Music

Note: Units below are good for a range of grades and perfect for combining multiple age groups together!
free music lapbook 4 week unit

1st Grade Art

Note: Units below are good for a range of grades and perfect for combining multiple age groups together!
homeschool famous artist projects

1st Grade Bible

Want to know what your 1st grader “should” know?


How to Homeschool 1st Grade

how i teach homeschool 1st Grade




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Beth Gorden is a homeschooling mother of three who strives to enjoy every moment with her kids through hands-on learning, crafts, new experiences, and lots of playing together. Beth is also the creator and author of 123Homeschool4Me where she shares 300+ {free} printables, creative homeschool lessons, crafts, and other fun ideas to help preschool and homeschooling families have fun while learning and exploring together.
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