Thursday, December 12, 2013

Looking for some great ideas to round out your Christmas wish list this year? Or maybe you are buying for that homeschool Mom that seems to busy to have time to use anything you get her. I hear you! Here are some things every Homeschooling Mom would like.
10 Gifts Homeschooling Moms really want!

What Mom Really Wants for Christmas

The following 10 things that I actually own, like, and would recommend to my closest friends!

A Day off

Let’s me honest, homeschool Mom’s work hard! They not only cook, clean, grocery shop, make sure kids are up to date on immunizations, keep the peace and keep their lives full of enriching activities – they also have the full time job of homeschooling the kids. That’s planning lessons, gatheirng supplies, teaching (at times various grade levels) and following up to make sure the material was mastered. Homeschooling Mom’s are busy!

Give the homeschooling lady in your life some time. Time to plan without kids needing her attention. Time to pray about what God wants to do in your families homeschool this year. Time to renew her vision and energy. Time to relax. Just. Time.

A Good Printer

We homeschoolers like to really run our printers hard. There are lots of great materials on the internet that make homeschooling easier. And many are free. But to make use of them you need a printer. We have the Epson WP-4530 Printer. It does everything I want/need it to do and is economical.


Homeschooling Moms, especially moms of younger elementary aged kids, make good use of laminators. This small, but powerful laminator has lasted me 3 years and counting. And I do a lot of laminating. I like to make sure all the games I take the time to make & print are going to make it through years of use by all my kids.

Bread Machine

As much as I want to be super mom, I’m really not. Having the time to homeschool and keep things flowing around the house is hard work. My family loves our breadmaker! You (literally) just toss in some ingredients and 3-4 hours later you have a delicious, nutritious home made bread. YUM! The one we have is over 13 years old and going strong. Although they don’t make ours anymore, here is a very similar breadmaker to ours.

Great Homeschool Conventions

GHC Registration
Attending a Great Homeschool Convention will both reenergize, encourage, and inspire homeschooling parents. Relax with the Family Comedy Night featuring Mark Lowry, reenergize as you meet hundreds of other homeschoolers, be encouraged through amazing speakers and workshops, and be inspired for the upcoming year(s) as you browse through hundreds of curriculum vendors. I’m thrilled to be attending the Ohio convention and I know you will love attending whatever convention location is most convenient to you.
Note: The South Carolina conference is coming up in just 3 short month! Get your tickets ASAP!


Are you a coffee drinker? I find the warm cup of caffeine does wonders for me to be my best during the day. And unless you homeschool in a coop or have highschoolers, chances are you are just making one cup at a time. We love our Keurig! It’s easy, delicious, and they have fantastic customer service. And did you know you can get generic Kcups at Target now?


Netflix has become a favorite in our house. You can now have separate user accounts within your household so that kids can only access what you let them. There are tons of educational preschool shows, homeschool material, and movies for family movie night. So when Mom is sick or just need to get something ready for school you can use something that is commercial free! Plus when Mom actually does kick up her feet, some times it’s nice to veg out and cuddle with hubby on the couch. (Yep, I am speaking from experience!)

Crock Pot

Ever feel the dread of knowing dinnertime is rapidly approaching and you have nothing planned for dinner? I know I have.  I find that the days when I throw something in my Crockpot first thing, when I am still motivated and energetic, makes things flow so much smoother.  I love the convenience and the yummy smell all day long as it simmers. Here is the Crockpot we own and love.
Note: I am participating in an iHN event this January where we homeschooling Moms are sharing our favorite crock pot recipes!!

Brookside Dark Chocolate Acai with Blueberry

If you’ve never tried these Dark Chocolate Acai berries – you must! They are delicious and using dark chocolate and acai berries, they are at least a little healthy, right? =) I love the resealable pouch which lets me eat a couple when I just need a chocolate fix, without downing a whole chocolate bar. These are always on my Christmas wish list!

Ticket to Ride Game

Best Family Game - Ticket to Ride (ages 4-100)

I love family game night! It is a chance to just hang out and enjoy each other. Ticket to Ride is our families current favorite. This game is equally enjoyed by people ages 7-100! Plus my Preschooler loves playing too and being the card flipper! There are lots of editions, but we love Ticket Ride to USA edition with the 1910 Expansion Pack.  On our Christmas lists this year are other editions of this super fun game!

What are you hoping to get for Christmas?


This post was written by:

Beth Gorden is a homeschooling mother of three who strives to enjoy every moment with her kids through hands-on learning, crafts, new experiences, and lots of playing together. Beth is also the creator and author of 123Homeschool4Me where she shares 150+ {free} printables, creative homeschool lessons, crafts, and other fun ideas to help preschool and homeschooling families have fun while learning and exploring together.
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  1. love it! I most certainly need a break. I have Netflix, the Keurig, crockpot and bread machine. :) But a break I don't have

  2. I definitely agree--we need all those! This year I've actually asked for more bookshelves! :)

  3. we also have the ticket to ride with expansion pack and are getting some of the other editions for christmas. Love the game and so do the kiddos - and bonus- they are learning geography!!!

  4. Loved your list! Wanted to comment on the printer item to those looking.... Consider a color laser!! The benefits are massive (cost is the biggest benefit) My HP LaserJet M251NW is only $189 on Amazon. No, it doesn't copy or scan. It's true. Get a cheap small inkjet for that with all the money you save not having to buy ink in the first couple months. For my printer, I get over 1200 pages from each cartridge! That's pretty incredible. Be sure to look up the prices of your non-OEM cartridges if you choose a different printer. For my printer the set of 4 toner cartridges is about $110 and they print 1200+ pages! It's so nice to print the kids worksheets and other things all in color! Also, since its toner, there's no ink saturation on the pages so they're never wet or heavy with ink! Just a consideration since the color Laser prices have come down so much.


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