A Day in the Life of Mom who Runs out of Diapers!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Day in the Life of Mom who Runs out of Diapers!

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A Day in the Life of a Mom who Runs out of Diapers by Laura (Mapleseeds)
6:30- wake up to my 2 year old yelling at the top of his lungs, "Mummy!....Mummy!!" Go and get him and crawl back into bed only to lay there in semi sleep being poked and prodded by tiny elbows and knees for half an hour.
7 am - actually get out of bed, blow my nose and think, "I don't feel as crappy as I did yesterday....good" Walk out to the kitchen to be greeted by 4 year old with bed head, "Good morning mom!"
6 year old follows shortly, when I realize his face is covered in a rash... poison ivy AGAIN! the kid gets it like it's his job!
7:30 am - Dish out some Cheerios for breakfast and tell my 6 year old that I am going to have to put some cream on his rash, which is also on his private parts, because he is a boy and is constantly touching it! Sheesh!
Put away the clean dishes from last night and load the dishwasher.
8:00 am get baby dressed, 4 year old asks if we can have a pajama day, we homeschool so why not! Tidy up, make the beds, clean up breakfast dishes.
8:45 am - 6 year old wants to play with the new building app we just got on the iPad, I let him for 15 min. 4 year old asks to eat a snack.
9:00 am - Attempt to start some school, to be met with whining about sore eyes from the poison ivy... which didn't seem to bother him when he was on the iPad! :P
9:30 - everyone wants a snack, again. Cut up some apples and cheese which the 2 year old tries to steal from everyone even though he has his own bowl.
10 am - Bring in a few arm loads of fire wood and water the chickens, found 1 huge egg! YAY! Clean up pencil crayons that 2 year old threw all over the floor because 4 year old left them out after he completed his school work sheet.
11 am - take 2 year old side and push him on the swing and play. Talk to my neighbors.
12 - make lunch. Bagels and scrambled eggs for the kids, fried eggs for me. Clean up
12:30 - change 2 year old's poopy diaper and realize I have absolutely NO diapers anywhere in the house. Text my husband, neighbor, other neighbor to see if someone has any. One neighbor says her "deadbeat" (in my opinion) sister is home, if I ring the door bell she "might" answer... she doesn't. hill billy diaper
1:00 pm, find some diaper pins in the 2 year old's room (that I never used, feel guilty for not using cloth diapers with my kids... move on!). Grab a towel and a WalMart bag and make a make shift diaper until another neighbor graciously offers to drop off a diaper for me. Take a picture of hill billy diaper and post on Facebook! Get a few good laughs from some friends. Make everyone with Poison Ivy take a nap (so that is the 4 and 6 year old)
1:15pm - prep turkey I bought and didn't use for Thanks giving (we were invited to a friend's house instead) and stick in the oven. Put a load of laundry in and sit down to Pinterest.
1:30pm - sit down at computer, find some neat things on Pinterest, run to the pot that is boiling over on the stove.
2 pm - knit on a Christmas present for my niece and try to rest
3 pm - everyone gets up from their naps... except the baby who is wearing a towel wrapped in a plastic bag for a diaper... wonder if it's still holding out. My neighbor kindly brings over a handful of diapers.
4 pm - start dinner, cut up potatoes, Brussel sprouts get them in the oven after taking out the turkey to rest.
5:30 - call kids in from outside and serve dinner.
6 - wash dishes and clean up
6:30 - leave for volleyball and pick up Tastefully simple order on the way to volleyball.
7-8:30 - play volleyball and realize I still feel sick
9 pm - make a plate of Nachos for a snack, "share" some with hubby. Watch TV til 10. Got to bed!
That's my day!

What is your day like?
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  1. Love the hilly billy diaper. Thanks for sharing you day.
    Blessings, Dawn