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Review & GIVEAWAY: We Choose Virtues’ Virtue Clue Cards

We Choose Virtues  main goal is to Inspire Character that Lasts. We Choose Virtues does this in such a fun and colorful way, making it easy for kids of all ages to remember each important character trait.  A couple weeks ago I reviewed Parenting Cards which are the “meat” of the curriculum in my opinion (check it out for additional information on the program). 

Today I wanted to tell you a little about We Choose Virtue’s Virtue Clue Card.
I think these inexpensive ($5.95) cards are a gem – here’s why! They contain the virtue {I am}, catchphrase, and antonym {I am NOT} on one side and a simple explanation with the character name on the back. What an inexpensive and simple way to begin incorporating virtues into your children’s daily lives!! The 2” x 3.5” cards come in a plastic pouch that stays closed – so they are small to store and are easily thrown in your purse to review on the run.  The 12 Virtues covered are: Forgiveness, patience, helpfulness, obedience, kindness, attentiveness, honesty, contentedness, diligence, self-control, perseverance, and gentleness. I love that this is not a one-time unit study; it is something you can and will use again and again as you instill and refine virtue in your children and (let’s be honest) yourself.

Here are a couple fun ways to use these Virtue Clue Cards for lasting RESULTS:
  • March 2012 917 -  Virtue detective (great for review or stand alone) – Have your kids don a detective outfit or just a magnifying glass and go on a hunt for the hidden virtue card. You could make a treasure map, follow a rope, hot & cold, you get the idea. You can talk about just like the card was hard work to find, just like it can be to get that virtue in our daily life – but it’s worth it. Then review or teach the Virtue and try to have everyone focus on that trait today.

  • -  Virtue Family (great for review or stand alone) –  During breakfast or morning devotions, read the virtue your family will be focusing on incorporating in your daily life. Tell everyone that each time they see someone else showing that virtue you can tell the person who showed the virtue to put a penny in the jar. When the jar is filled up with Virtues you have a special family night! Ideas for a family night: fast-food progressive dinner (get one item at 3 different fast food places), have a family themed night (Mexican, Lual, backwards, pizza, etc), go mini golfing or bowling, go out to a movie, make your own ice cream sundae, family game night, etc. (If your kids are older you may have people write down what was done to show the virtue & read them all together as another reinforcement and way to praise your children)
  • March 2012 940 -  Virtue Scratch Off (great for review or stand alone) – Make scratch off cards (click for tutorial and {FREE} download) ahead of time. During breakfast or morning devotions, read the virtue your family will be focusing on incorporating in your daily life. Then let your kids pick a scratch off card. hang the cards in a public place (so you have control over when they get scratched off). Each time you witness your child demonstrating the virtue during the day invite them to scratch off a spot. If you child makes a match – they get the prize!!  They can get multiple prizes! I think this would be a lot of fun to do randomly from time-to-time! Some prize examples could include: stay up 10 minutes late, you pick what’ for dinner, treat out with Mom or Dad, dime, stickers, item from treasure box, make cookies, etc.
There are LOTS of possibilities! The best part is, if you are short on time, just taking 5 minutes and reading the card together over breakfast will make a difference in your children!

The Giveaway We Choose Virtues is giving away a set of Virtue Clue Cards to one of my readers!! YEAH – I love free stuff, don’t you??! Just enter using the widget below – GOOD LUCK!! Your family is going to LOVE this product!

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Buy it Now!
Don’t want to wait to get this inexpensive tool for instilling virtue in your children? Go here to get yours. Here  are some promo codes that you can use with your order, but you can only use one at a time:
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  1. This sounds like a great teaching the virtures tool. I'd start with "attentive" because it's so crucial to learning!

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  3. I would want to work on the virtue of forgivness first. We have several children and every day brings another chance to practice forgiveness and to remind each other that Jesus forgives us over and over!

  4. Um, sorry - make that "virtues" :).

  5. I would start with patience.
    catholichusker at gmail dot com

  6. I'd like to start with humility!

  7. Would love using this with our daughter! What great ideas!

  8. Attentive, that could be a good one for us.

  9. I would start with forgiveness!
    grace2u {at} rogers {dot} com

  10. Patience
    allison dot sonnier at

  11. I would either start with contentedness or obedience. My 4 year old is struggling with both :)


  12. I would actually be sharing this with our Mom's Nurturing Moms group at church. If I had children at home I would begin with patience- because that is something I have to work on too! :)

  13. I would start with forgiveness.

  14. OH MY...I need these! Maybe honesty or forgiveness?
    thissimplemom at gmail dot com

  15. I would start with patience.

  16. We would start with obedience.

  17. We would have to start with, I am CONTENT!!!! I have the most unappreciative, negative, ungrateful, least thankful little 4 year old girl :( We really need this program in our home! I have been eyeing it for some time I really hope I win.


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