Curious George Red Light Green Light

Monday, January 9, 2012

Curious George Red Light Green Light

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So last week our preschool theme was chosen based entirely by my kids interests! Out of now where, Goofy started making a whole bunch of signs (stop sign, duck crossing, labeling our rooms, etc).
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I finally realized he got the idea from our favorite educational series: PBS’ Curious George Signs Up (Season 2, Episode 6). So I quickly got to work putting together a Curious George Preschool Pack & a Traffic Signs Add-on Pack to be ready while Goofy was still thinking about signs!

Here is our learning fun:
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December 2011 176December 2011 174
December 2011 177December 2011 181
We went on a driving scavenger hunt looking for, pointing out, and explaining what different signs meant. Then we practiced with worksheets:
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Plus we played some of our favorite games – Curious George Helper Game, Curious George Beach Memory, Curious George Helps at the Zoo (Hide & Seek with walkie Talkie & game board)
December 2011 183December 2011 189October 2011 361
AND – sorry  no pictures – Red Light/Green Light and then being unseasonably warm we drew roads & traffic signs on the driveway & the kids raced around the ‘road’ on their cars/trikes.
Here are some great {FREE} Curious George resources online:
In case you missed it, here are my {FREE} Curious George Preschool Packs. And remember if your family uses it & blogs about it (like I did above) email me at livinglifeintentionallyblog @ and I will link up your blog for everyone to see the pack in action!! 


  1. Love it!!!! What fun! I love that we were doing the same theme together. Looks like your darlings had a blast with Curious George too!

  2. My girls love curious george we going to have to to try your activities.

  3. Looks like your kiddos had fun doing their Curious George activities. I think it's so cool you made this up based on your little boys interest in it!

    I keep thinking of laminating the page that has the roads on it from your traffic signs pack, and putting velcro on the back, to turn it into a felt board activity. Think my little boy would get a kick out of running cars over the roads.

  4. Looks like great fun....i miss preschool...can't wait until my twins are old enough for these sort of activities...thanks for sharing!

  5. Very fun! Looks like they love it!

  6. Looks fun! I'll have to check out your preschool pack. Signs are a great way of teaching kids that communication is symbolic. We're covering some activities in reading signs next week!

  7. We love George at my house too. I love the activity pack you used.

  8. Fun activities. Learning at its best. Thanks for linking up to Monday Madness.

  9. Oooh my kids LOVE curious george! Looks like a great fun unit!

  10. Thanks for sharing! These are great. My daughter loves George. I pinned it :)

  11. Curious George is a new sensation at our house. We've been loving him....and I think my little guys would love this pack. Thank you for sharing! :)

  12. Fun! We're George fans ourselves.

    Popping in from tot school.

  13. The kids are enjoying create something new. I am happy to see them.