Ode to a Bucket

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ode to a Bucket

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You are probably thinking - she's really lost it now! She is writing about a bucket?!??! I know it sounds CRAZY - but follow me for a minute here.

A couple years back my husband put a bucket on his Christmas list. I thought he was nuts - what's so special about a bucket?!  But you know, for me, it wasn't really about the bucket. It was about loving my husband.

When  I said, "I do" to my husband I promised to love him - all of him! So when he has a passion, interest, or need I shouldn't glaze over and say, "Oh - that's nice." It's easy to love our spouses when everything is going well or it makes sense to us. It is easy for me to play tennis with him because I too enjoy it. I can understand he likes his yard to look nice, so I help where I can & give him the time he needs to make it something he is proud of.  But I didn't understand this bucket thing! So sad to say, but I glazed over and dismissed it.

Over the last couple years I have learned many reasons the bucket is useful. I have even learned to appreciate it myself.
  • Carrying Firewood
  • Building sandcastles
  • Carrying Water
  • Carrying sand toys to the beach
  • Building forts out of Snow
  • Disposing of animal pests
  • Giving Tinkerbell somewhere to stand or lean on at the beach
  • Somewhere to set the camera to get family an impromptu family picture
  • and SO many more!
At times, my husband will say, 'See! I wasn't crazy to want the bucket!' How sad that he has to defend his interest or like to me! I should be his #1 fan from the get-go - no questions asked!  Next time - I will try to do better! 

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  1. Fun post - it's interesting how some of us want useful gifts, and others prefer fun things they might never buy for themselves:-)
    Thanks for sharing with NOBH.