Knitting Hats in 2010

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Knitting Hats in 2010

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As winter comes I check the kids stuff to make sure they have coats, snow pants, boots, mittens, and hats to keep them warm. More often than not we are set on everything except hats. I am a thrifty person & we go to several city-wide garage sales every spring. We stock up on clothes, boots, books, and a limited number of toys. Then I put everything in a neatly labeled box in the basement so when the kids grow - they have a box full of clothes & shoes for that next size.

But I dont' like to buy hats. I like to make fun hats for the kids that match their personalities & interests. Hats are a quick knit & a great way to keep up my knitting skills. There are LOTS of free knitting patterns online and I've gotten good enough to tweak and update patterns to my liking or sizing needs.

Tinkerbell's Purple/Brown Block hat

Goofy's Pirate Hat

Minnie & Daddy's Hats

Minnie's Bunny Hat (sad to say is missing!)

Nephew's Tiger Hat

Nieces Purple/Brown Block Hat

Megan's Purple Hat

If you are interested in any patterns I am always happy to share! Hats are quick knits: it only takes me a couple evenings a hat. Hope your head is as warm as ours!


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